All Notables and Keystones in Path of Exile: Harvest

artojas wrote:
Destroyed all the 5 people that played RF with wrapped in flames changes while leaving necro vd intact and ruining the boss kill race, nice!

This. RF was hard to scale even with Wrapped in Flame and had never been OP. Was literally best notable for RF in-game putting it to an "enjoyable" (or at least "playable") level skill. Now RF has become weak again, never been strong at all.
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The great f[removed by player]kening continues slow clap

SO glad I held off buying a supporter pack
No supreme decadence... i am so sad
(Posting this same message in the other forum posting.)

GGG what do you have against DoT characters?

So many RIPs!!

I have done away with the 4 Corruption nodes as that is a total disgrace now for Tricksters. Maybe close to same if you were an Occultist, however not going to look at that ascendancy after you removed wicked ward without putting a replacement. The corruption nodes are not even included in the nerf list below. I could only use a totem with wither, so 8 seconds isn't a realistic swap for the losses in damage and damage multiplier portions.

Here is the list of nerfs on my passive tree from a quick look from 3.10 to 3.11:

15% minion damage
12% spell damage
1% mana as es
2% chaos multiplier
16% chaos damage
4% damage over time
4% chaos res

The rest stayed about the same.

Barely notable improvements:

12% damage
5% skill effect duration
6% cast speed
1% max chaos res
1 mana per second

What is the reason?
GGG you make these cluster jewels, and now I HAVE to use them?
1% max chaos res? Not very realistic to achieve max chaos res without some real work.
I just don't get it. You want me to buy a supporter pack, however don't make sound/clear choices in the re-balancing in my opinion. I would like to hear from the team that handles this to state why all the moves are done this way. Was there new uniques that this balances the power, or something else that makes this about the same as this past league? I mean for me a cluster jewel going to the outside rim of the passive tree to use is extra moves that with even a pretty good jewel was about a wash on what I could get on the passive tree. I lost 35% damage and 2% damage multiplier (without the losses of corruption nodes). Maybe not too big, however DoT isn't the biggest DPS build in PoE. I play everyday on PoE for a few minutes to a few hours, and am aware of most things that happen in a league for improvements. After all the dust settles I am still not sure why some nerfs/re-balances happen. Tell me how DoT was over powered? My main skill was in the less than 1% usage this league. I was able by the end of league to a fair damage level to keep up fairly well with the delirium. I know with the said nerfs I will lose a good bit of damage I really need in early game, and still a notable amount in late game. You removed the recipe to make a +1 chaos wand, however still have the +1 to fire, cold and lightning. Was it really too OP to have this recipe for DoT? You don't make an even playing board with each challenge league's re-balances. It just puts certain things as not too bad, so I'll play this. Then, woah! this is now too OP in your opinion, so nerf hammer gets pulled out. I understand this game is complicated. Maybe you need more people so more things can be handled in an appropriate timeline, and with the necessary time needed to handle properly. So many things don't get addressed, or pushed off for extended amounts of time. Some re-balances aren't so bad, or give a slight improvement. I just don't see positive moves shown that regularly. When there is some you see my monetary donation into a MTX or supporter pack. I won't put any money into the game regardless of how cool or interesting something I can purchase is if I am not a happy/satisfied customer. I will like most find a way to cope, and try to get things tweaked somewhat to a similar level as before. However I feel it would be a huge QoL if during the week of a new challenge league launch (now) that the team puts a small video with the manifesto list stating why the re-balances are handled in such a way. Doesn't need to give a huge amount of details away, however touching on areas that had significant changes positive or negative. I know I would feel a lot better to have some sort of understanding to go with the changes than to spend a fair amount of time reading the huge listing that grows each league to guess at why it is done in such a way.
IDK, at the end of the day I will play, however like I stated I will not support monetarily if I don't have a clearer vision to the changes.
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Now that's a list!
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
This is probably the most useless list of nodes since this includes ones that were and weren't changed. Haven't posted on this forum in years but had to get that out.
D....did you guys add hollow palm to main passive skill tree?!!!!!!!! This is HUUUUUGE!
If I am remembering notables correctly, Soul of Steel, Dragon Hunter and Stubborn Student all had %physical damage reduction removed.

Silent Steps had 5% reduced damage taken from blinded enemies removed, and Crystal Skin had 5% reduced elemental damage taken removed - it gained 1% max elemental resists.

That's just mean. There really wasn't a huge problem dealing damage to players before.

Maybe we're supposed to pour on the armour to help with big physical hits? Yuck.

Other changes look fun though. I dunno, we'll see. I guess
addyaustin wrote:
D....did you guys add hollow palm to main passive skill tree?!!!!!!!! This is HUUUUUGE!

No, This is ALL notables and keystones available in the game, including those from clusters.
thep10xer wrote:
addyaustin wrote:
D....did you guys add hollow palm to main passive skill tree?!!!!!!!! This is HUUUUUGE!

No, This is ALL notables and keystones available in the game, including those from clusters.

Oh I read this as tree notables... meaning the cluster notables on the list are migrating to the main POB tree. Which makes since for hallowed palm, you shouldn't have to farm a single item to play a build, the items should enhance or affect the playstyle - not make it.

GGG should clarify because as is I assume this is all on the main tree. Why even list cluster jewel notables as changes when nothing changes? But half the notables are missing - this literally reads as they are baked in now.

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