Content Update 3.11.0 -- Path of Exile: Harvest

we stardew valley now lol
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What I don't understand is why GGG can't seem to comprehend adding a button in the UI options section to let us disable this STUPIDLY FUCKED-UP and IDIOTIC "temporary league inherits your standard league tab setup" nightmare!

Why do you guys need to nerf chaos damage that much? it doesnt make any sense since chaos dot damage is already weak compared to other builds
(✿ =‿‿=)
After news about dual wielding 20% dmg bonus removed.
NO way! I thought to try that league, but after path notes i dont want it anymore. Please, just revert that :(
If things will go that way the only thing to do to say no is to avoid play PoE!
Really nice nerf. Even introduction of that change No explanation from ggg how cries or new support gem and tree changes can compensate it for fast attack builds.
After buff armour to monsters and fortify less damage instead of reduced, just can't believe :(.
It was hard to level dual wield characters with that 20% in ssf hc, now just too much pain for melee leveling.
Game should be about fun, not pain. I just cant kill act 1 boss or Innocence like that, they kill me 90% now. 10-20 portals? Thanks, NO.
haniii1 wrote:
Why do you guys need to nerf chaos damage that much? it doesnt make any sense since chaos dot damage is already weak compared to other builds

I didn't catch that, what happens/happened to chaos damage?

Does anyone know what the new "to the goddess" items do? Is there another lab now? Or better rewards? Or...
Not a fan of this knee jerk / blitzkrieg / carpet bombing / scorched earth mentality to game balancing etc.

I'm not just talking about the changes coming with Harvest when I say that; doubling or even tripling down on mechanics, skills and items is a well established pattern in this game.

Over time, it never seems to work out for other games, franchises or IP's. Can't imagine it will work out for this one either.
With all due respect and love for GGG:

We have those extremely OP builds like self-curse, herald stacking, huge mana pool + lightning spells, SNIPE+ bleed, and all that shit...
You allow that to be present in the league for a long time and then, in order to "balance", you nerf starforge, the only viable endgame 2h unique sword for many builds.


Why would you wait 4 months to re-balance the entire game? You keep on failing everytime you try it. What you call "balance" it´s just an undercover META change.

You aren´t really balancing anything, you are just forcing the playerbase to change their functional builds in order to try new ridiculously OP shit in the new league. This process keeps going, repeated every 4 months.

Not everyone has time, or wants to create new characters, level them, and face endgame content periodically. For god´s sake: give standard some love, balance your game (with REAL balance, not this crap you call balance).

I NEVER play meta-builds, but I get nerfed anyway cause you don´t like standard players. And you might say: "we don´t nerf standard builds, you have to use a divine orb to update uniques bla, bla, bla", fair enough. Anyway, you sound hostile when you say: "bring the item to a reasonable state". YOU are responsable for balancing, not the players!

What happened? Someone got pissed cause Ziz said the game has became too easy? Maybe it is easy for a hardcore streamer like him! not easy at all for the rest of the world population.

I´ve heard Chris talk many times, we don´t need to be geniuses to known he is very smart. My guess is you don´t balance the game this way with innocence. You know very well what you are doing, and you insist on this with closed mentality.

PD: You have killed dual weilding, and it wasn´t necessary. Oh wait, you already knew that! But the show must go on...
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Herald of Purity
Vaal Molten Shell
Hex Breaker
Herald of Thunder

Basically, everything that I use has been nerve ...
Surely I should find it super cool?

Well no! I'm really fed up with these nerves over and over! Your Hardcore League has no use! Because the standard just as hardcore as hardcore!

I will not advertise this game which is just a succession of frustration and frustration and again frustration.

If you don't want us to use special attacks and abilities (because you've sold enough skins for that one and you have to sell skins for the new ones), don't be hypocritical, remove them from the game instead of letting players get used to a game-play they like and destroy them all possibility of being able to enjoy it when they manage to do something good.

You have already lost a lot of players with this abusively elitist mentality!

Know that there are many people who have a job, a family life and who do not have the time to stay 24 hours a day in front of their pc and that they should have the right to take a little pleasure in the game and take advantage of what they took a long time to develop without having to perpetually start over again!

Those who like to change don't need a nerve to try another style of play.

stop breaking our game pleasure!
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