Content Update 3.11.0 -- Path of Exile: Harvest

NEW:You can now instantly buy all decorations (that cost only Favour) that your hideout template needs, as long as you have unlocked them and have enough Favour to do so.

NEW:Improved the error messages displayed when there are problems importing a hideout template, including one that will specify how much more Favour you need to buy missing decorations.


What?! I can finally import hideouts?! :O

Damn, that matters to me a lot more than I expected.
Etyio wrote:
where are the melee nerfs people are talking about
Dual wield is nerfed into the ground, earthquake lost its helm enchant, starforge is worse than terminus est, ground slam lost phys tag so its now junk..
Flarb wrote:
I just don't understand. I really think the staff and GGG wastes so much of its time. I could be wrong but seems that way from an outside perspective. Create so many new cool skills like brands, and at the same time kill brand recall, effectively killing brands.

2H buffs and Nerfs combined, seems that it will have an end result of similar damage for many setups, damage buff for well crafted end game rares for any significant increases. Mostly even each other out. Lots of number tweaks for little results except for stronger rare items.

Always nerfing items that are already worthless and barely used, and sometimes skills that aren't played either.

This isn't really 2H league due to 2h's being buffed as much as it is an attempt to kill off as many 1h build options as they can. Feels more like warcrys and 2h's are being forced by elimintating alternatives. Cluster jewels starting to feel essential for many nerfed builds so that they are becoming essential as well.

Will be my first league not playing HC, probably won't get a supporter pack, a shame too because I really like the design of the new ones. Think i'll try the new content in softcore and then move on after a week.

"Mostly even each other out. Lots of number tweaks for little results except for stronger rare items." The biggest increased is going to come from exerts from damage related warcrys + 100% exerted damage from nodes in the tree. The base weapon buffs are just the cherry on top.
These clowns didnt even take a moment to ask themselves... "what if we took the harvest unique and actually fixed it for the harvest league?"
What I don't understand is why GGG can't seem to comprehend adding a button in the UI options section to let us disable this STUPIDLY FUCKED-UP and IDIOTIC "temporary league inherits your standard league tab setup" nightmare!
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Blatant lie by the HMFIIC.
Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
hard to understand
War Bringer redesign is truly sad or poorly worded. What is the war cry "power" scaling when it comes to a casting Berserker? No love for wands and thinking out of the box.

You never wanted us to play a "spellslinging" Berserker. It was already pretty bad as Berserker prior, only with cluster jewels we saw some light, but now it seems like the dream is over once more, scaling war cry's with main hand weapon damage when we hold a wand is truly something - just force the meta like usual.

Rage provides no spell damage or cast speed, same with the Blitz branch and the Berserk skill, only attack support. Meaning half of the Berserker Ascendancy was already useless for casting in general.

Also, no explanation to what happened to battle cry exactly. Does it still work as it was, allowing us to move while crying and was just renamed to Admonisher? There is no explanation to what Admonisher actually does. It is only mentioned once.

Battle Cry skill tree node was a mandatory mechanic for any heavy hitting boss fight, if that is gone then the whole war cry system has become obsolete for a ton of builds, no matter the fancy new ideas.
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Doedre's Malevolence: New versions of this item will no longer grant +50 to the mana cost of skills. Instead, they will grant 30-50% increased Seal gain frequency.

Mana build get nerfed
ah yes thats how ggg "buff" 2h weapons
Last edited by youthqinsun on Jun 18, 2020, 2:01:27 AM
Why nerf brands? I was thinking of playing a penance brand build - brand recall is now totally useless. Honestly. why even bother with recall if their duration doesn't refresh?

Why the brand hate?
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