Content Update 3.11.0 -- Path of Exile: Harvest

FeelsOkayMan 👉 👌 ❓
i just wanna see how many supporter packs i have
I am mad >:(
300k keks YEP
mathil have a big PP
i hope i dont burn out and quit before getting to yellow maps this league
i love the game, i love the patch and i love Mathil
Facebreaker Earthquake Gladiator it is then :)
Lets Go. I am hyped for ...


I read all 51 pages in a different occasions. Im already loving how this league started, even before start! Awsme! Not sure I will play it, much, lol, not with 2h starter for sure.

But Im sure I will watch the show! Its already highly entertaining in many layers!

Shaper gutted in his last ungutted drop is one of them. Daym its all so delirious.


Oh my sanity!
I just don't understand. I really think the staff and GGG wastes so much of its time. I could be wrong but seems that way from an outside perspective. Create so many new cool skills like brands, and at the same time kill brand recall, effectively killing brands.

2H buffs and Nerfs combined, seems that it will have an end result of similar damage for many setups, damage buff for well crafted end game rares for any significant increases. Mostly even each other out. Lots of number tweaks for little results except for stronger rare items.

Always nerfing items that are already worthless and barely used, and sometimes skills that aren't played either.

This isn't really 2H league due to 2h's being buffed as much as it is an attempt to kill off as many 1h build options as they can. Feels more like warcrys and 2h's are being forced by elimintating alternatives. Cluster jewels starting to feel essential for many nerfed builds so that they are becoming essential as well.

Will be my first league not playing HC, probably won't get a supporter pack, a shame too because I really like the design of the new ones. Think i'll try the new content in softcore and then move on after a week.

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