Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

What's wrong with comfort and familiarity and why does this seem to threaten some people so much?

Some people enjoy coming home to their loving partner, knowing the familiar feel of their embrace. I'm not saying that is the same for everyone, but it is worth acknowledging that people are different.

It might not be for you, but that doesn't make it wrong.
hawkhero3 wrote:
It make me smile to see people cry when don't see the number change and didn't try how the game will feel with those change. Most people cry that the build they use is broken, but can you try something else? Always doing the same thing over and over might be boring at some point.
What he said

So you and him both smile when random strangers are upset? Regardless of the argument, you both need help bud.
Forum probation for calling someone a 'troll', so I lifetime banned myself from spending money on PoE.
Freeman11 wrote:
That is not fixing or nerfing Archmage, thats simply killing it.
Very quick calc without having all the number say that I simply lose over 60% of my build's dps.

That is a bit boring as it was a fun mechanic to build around, and it did need some investment. Sure I could agree fine with the item changes and a slight gem nerf, but this is just sad.

Adapt to the changes, or try something new.
Sounds like you where in a rot.
trixxar wrote:
All you idiots saying people should git gud and adapt are basically saying people should just follow the meta more and more, and reduce build diversity.

That is what gitting gud is in this game, copy paste the new meta, and there will be one.

I'd like more people to have a look at this. This IS the truth.
So yet again this league will be choose latest op form build and run that knowing your fkd for using it again when league ends lol

I didn't use herald as it was obviously broken so was archmage but these so called balancing posts are really it a fk it we nerfed last league build to oblivion but don't worry this league will have a new op build based on what we haven't tested this time around when we made changes

Guess we gonna see this league after league until poe2 think I'll give this farmville sim a miss and see what next league brings 🤣
~ If it moves, kill it ~
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Brands needed to get nerfed, these builds were ridiculous. You should not be able to kill mobs not yet on the screen.

That was a Cluster Jewel and not inherent of Brands. The much harder Brand nerf is the gutting of a refreshing Brand Recall. And the explanation is pure irony. In a game where Necros are better walking and looting simulators and with Totems a similar playstyle already exists, an explanation "we are forcing a more active playstyle" is a punch in the face of everybody who enjoys a more passive style but won't play summoners.
lkenpachi wrote:
stop crying babys :)
and GGG great job with this balance. Well done!!

p.s.: I loved sooo much this indirect HH nerf <3

why you love to see something getting nerfed?

isnt gaming about to play what you love/like and not to see others experience getting shit on?!

i never cared about something getting nerfed cause its strong and other ppl playing it...
id rather looked at the builds i play and like /dislike the changes...

and if i look at your chars... 1 hast still self curse stuff equiped without a belt... means you played HH self curse yourself...
with an explody chest... so its not that long ago...


besides dont even have many chars and the average char level is around 91-92 and badly equiped... so you dont even play much i would say...

all i can see here, let me think you are just another person who sees strong builds other ppl play and start flaming, cause you dont can...

seeing you had 5 challenges in delirium completed proves all that...
even if you dont go for challenges, 5 is like just creating a char a playing a little...

i hate it...

....disgusting person....
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PsOfOs wrote:

What do you mean out of reach for most players?
42% of players in delirium play with a headhunter.
It's not like unobtainable,almost 1 in 2 players has it.
It's a nice chase item.
Now that self cursing is destroyed,it recieved a significant nerf.

I doubt it. Only 1% of players reach maps. Far less reach T16 and more then a couple of exalts every league. I'd call myself mediocre regular player and never could afford a single HH. I think barely all Currency gathered from past leagues are not enough to buy one in Std.
PsOfOs wrote:
What do you mean out of reach for most players?
42% of players in delirium play with a headhunter.
It's not like unobtainable,almost 1 in 2 players has it.

42% of the top 14k players level 99-100. This is not 42% of the players.

The same query in SSF Delirium yield HH for 0.8% of the top 12k players.

Why did you kill CoC?

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