Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

You should not be able to kill mobs not yet on the screen.

Ahahahahah. I'm not sure what game you're playing, but it's clearly not PoE. At least not Since circa 2016.
nice tencent manifesto
Memory leak still not fixed. TY...
This doesn't look all that bad. The DW nerf is big oof but i.m down with trying the reworked 2h stuff.
Reading through all the pages of this thread, I am perplexed to see that some people (mot that many but not few either) are under the impression that herald stackers didn't get nerfed enough. Also, most of them are the people that are wisely advicing "we all knew this build is broken and had it coming".

Well, you all knew that because you are used to unhealthy behaviour.

1. Herald stacker as a build was in it's budget form worth like 10-20 characters that the average player builds
2. You only saw how the build performs at it's highest level of min-maxing which is stupidly expensive and unrealistic to achieve for the majority of people who actually could even get into the build, and never played the build yourselves
4. Think in line with ggg that the end game means red maps and Sirus.

Here are my comments on all of the above:
1. End game is not Sirus. PoE was a big hit for many people not only for it's complexity but because at the time it released it was the only game that gave you a meaningful end game that you can customize in a sense of "build your own difficulty". Now, years later, we have a plaethora of currencies we can use on our maps and map devices to enhance that difficulty more than before. And yet we are artificially limited because our builds can't scale to the level of using ALL AVAILABLE CURRENCIES in the game to buff up the difficulty cause they can't clear it. And that is all because the power level is still balanced around t16 maps and Sirus. Delirium proved it best when it smacked the floor with most builds.
2. Herald stackers were not as OP as you think. Sure, even a mid budget version could destroy t16s and kill Sirus easily. But a t16 full delirium juiced map (not to mention t19s)??? It's power level was in line with the difficulty of those maps. It could clear them, but it wasn't no walk in the park.
3. herald stackers didn't get nerfed enough? Do you people understand what that build is reliant on or just like talking? It went from a minimum of 300% aura effect on budget versions to 40%. That 40% is not worth the investment points in any way or shape now. PH had to be built around it's not some notable you slap on and just provides value. They nerfed it out of the game with this change. '

Also one more observation. They stated they refuse to implement a general rule that is unambigous and easy to understant "Notables from cluster jewels can not stack" in favour of them being able to add exceptions upon exceptions on niche cases AND having to deal with more variables in future design just so they can implement arbitrary changes whenever they want. As a first result, they reworked PH into an unusable notable that is WORSE than if they just wouldn't stack.
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Not so fast with F. At least wait for the numbers. Even better, try it before whining. A build 100 times better than average getting nerfed 50% is still 50 times better than average.
lolwut now
To make a build 100 times better than average you need mirror-tier items and mirrors don't drop in the game. Ah yes, streamer RNG to selfcraft. You guys are ridiculous.
I was gonna start lacerate glad, but the duel wield nerf is making me rethink that. That nerf honestly makes glad feel kind of niche now.
Ground Slam, Earthquake, Ice Crash, Vaal Ground Slam and Vaal Earthquake have had their added physical damage or added cold damage removed in exchange for improving their damage multiplier.

Look how they massacred my boy...

Pillar is dead again.
More nerfs, more build diversity dumpstered, and a big 2 hander reveal that needed everything around it nerfed to shine? Sounds promising. More unnecessary nerfs to trick the casuals into thinking that we are getting closer to true "balance".

All of these extremely expensive end game builds get stomped out, but I can still faceroll every piece of content in this game with traps/mines on a 100c budget? Okay, I guess I'll do that again then. I wonder how many people will try 2 handers before switching to ED, VD, or mines.

Every season is turning into 'play traps/mines until something powerful and fun accidentally gets discovered'. Everyone was playing Heralds because it was fun, and isn't that the point? D2 was a decade long faceroll and we all loved it, but that was before the new gens decided that every genre of game had to be some big playz esport wannabe. I wish that this game was still more D2 and less LoL.
Forum probation for calling someone a 'troll', so I lifetime banned myself from spending money on PoE.
That is not fixing or nerfing Archmage, thats simply killing it.
Very quick calc without having all the number say that I simply lose over 60% of my build's dps.

That is a bit boring as it was a fun mechanic to build around, and it did need some investment. Sure I could agree fine with the item changes and a slight gem nerf, but this is just sad.

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