Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

Man all this whining. Changes are not that bad. Dual wield will still be good. Brands needed to get nerfed, these builds were ridiculous. You should not be able to kill mobs not yet on the screen.

Not so fast with F. At least wait for the numbers. Even better, try it before whining. A build 100 times better than average getting nerfed 50% is still 50 times better than average.
Rip Dual Wielding.. makes no sense at all.
All the crying about nerfs every time. That's the part getting stale and repetive.

Cyclone nerf: nice, finally, it gets its free cnbs removed. A long overdue.

Archmage: still totally broken, only a max damage cap will fix it, maybe next league, looking forward to it.

Brands: finally not self substaning anymore,good.

Dual wield nerf: a bit unneccesarry, but whatever, it's only minor.

Shieldcharge: still buggy, with its max stats even at minimum distance. Oops, did I slip a little secret in there? 🤔

Critnerf: still broken, critchance should have a softcap, so it's a "chance" again.

IGN: Toxic_Artillery

Obey the Orb:
Oneshot mecanics still there? O jesus, thanks god for keep this necanic with us, the melees enjoy it very much.
And the game is being more and more heavy on content... Perfect to take (back?) more players
vullunviing wrote:
thank god I don't play melee or crit builds. Jesus.

Do you guys even understand what crit is supposed to do? It's SUPPOSED to make your DPS better than if you didn't use crit. Regular non-crit builds' dps should not be "in line" with crit builds. That's just stupid.

I wasn't gonna comment, but since devs seem to read most comments and it's mostly people complaining, I wanna thank you guys for the work.

It's really good to have policies such as modifying mechanics after some leagues end, because players are able to explore the game in a creative way knowing that 90% of what they'll do won't be changed until the league's end (exceptions being non-intended interactions/bugs and exploits).

I'm happy to see where this manifesto is going and I'm eager to try something new (and possibly slower) this league!
Brinstar4 wrote:
No impale nerfs? surprised but also glad

Uhh didn't they remove Deep Cuts from the game? Thats a huge Impale nerf, isn't it?
Logicwins wrote:
CrawlnBrawl wrote:
Why does "balanced" have to mean unusable? this is very disappointing on all fronts

F cyclone
F HH selfcurse
F pantheon
F archmage

Saying cyclone and dual-wielding in general is gone when it still retains superior clearspeed/defense over any other melee archetype is a bit over the top don't you think?

3 steps to participate in this thread:

1. See a change that makes a 2 minute map take 2 minutes and 8 seconds.
2. Say that it is now completely unplayable, and that your build is utterly destroyed.
3. Accuse every GGG employee of incompetence and make empty 'threats' to skip the league or spend money on PoE ever again.

Seriously, the game's still going to be fun. Karens should ditch the hyperbole.
Elementalist ascendency rework when?
Weeellll...neverending search for a best build for current situation.
Brand & herald nerf was obvious from the start, but not sure if not too hard(herald).
Not sure if I am going to roll 2h melee, not my type, but will see. Hard to decide on a league starter.
I would say some changes can work out well, especially on the skill tree, defensive wise, while it seems we are going to have a bit harder time getting dps counted in millions.
I am waiting for full notes, anyway would be good to have delirium orbs still found somewhere in the game - it was fun to run it fully juiced, even if it turned out as a waste of currency.

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