Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

Bowman8763 wrote:
My guess is that "the most powerful seeds" as Chris put it, will probably be completely unattainable for the average player. Just like the current state of the game.

It always is and always will be.
Those are the carrots on the stick for us filthy average casual players. That's why we play through up to the end of every league, we don't get bored mid league, and continue to enjoy the game up to the last moments of it. Or up until we tire chasing. :)

This world is an illusion, there is no spoon exile.

"Belief is the strongest metal of them all." - Izaro
[Removed by Support] if I wanted to play FarmVille I’d download it, it’s a free game also.. this is what we been waiting for? Killing gods to farming? Really sad, please don’t turn Poe into more trash like 90% of the games on the market, [Removed by Support]
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Maelstromicus wrote:
Elhazzared wrote:
Let's see farming mechanincs. Absolutly boring. I believe that people who play PoE (and i mean play, not those who just treat it like a trade simulator) play it kill monsters, get loot and have some fun in the process, not to build elaborate factorio meets farmville systems which they will be forced to build or miss out on the good content.

Then looking at what the farmtorio brings, it's just crafting and from the little I saw, I saw nothing that was even mildly interesting to say the least. It is still ridiculous levels of RNG to try to obtain something good. Suffice to say that the average player will never craft anything decent out of it or maybe just the one item in the middle of all the trash. GGG still hasn't understood that if crafting cannot in a realatively simple and cheap way make really good items, then it is a system that 1% of the players will use.

Absolutely 100% agree. I am one of those who play to kill monsters, get loot. If I wanted to play a sim, I would play a sim.

I would say more, but I have no idea any more what we can say and what we can't.


ZiggyD said you can go to the farm at your convenience so it is light years better than if you had to go there every map. I think that the negativity is way overblown on this one and the haters are overthinking things 16 days before launch. We all should know that it takes a few weeks after launch to judge a league.
reading through this announcement
harvest, super weird but liking it
slams, eh
warcries, cool
new brands, awesome super excited for that
new/updated uniques, awsome those look really cool there
delerium is going core.......oh for absolute christ sake.....
why why why
i dont like playing a grey game
why couldnt they just add cluster jewels to base game drops and scrap delerium
its not fun, its super restrictive to builds (go fast or go home) its visually awfull

cant we for ocne not have this stupid "10% occurance rate" thing and have the league mechanic just be a league mechanic
the league is supposed to be a test to see if it works or not, delerium was awfull
go back on this decision GGG
PLEASE go back on this decision
Lmao so that’s why only “good boy” post are up, my post got removed really fast, so if you say anything bad about the up coming farm game Poe thinks is a good idea it’s removed ASAP, best block me I’ll keep posting what I think till you do ggg ,I,
We've done PoE board game, PoE tower defense, now PoE farming simulator. Next, coming soon to the PC near you: PoE the Dating Sim.
so cool
“Ggg game think tank” you know... we are getting to cool for games.. you know what we need? A green new deal, let’s make it happen, just think about it people.. in big lights on stream, PATH of FARMING” it will show are fans how woke we are... rest of the team slaps head and binds over... you all know the rest of this story...
Velzanna wrote:
We've done PoE board game, PoE tower defense, now PoE farming simulator. Next, coming soon to the PC near you: PoE the Dating Sim.

Wasn't that already the case with the old Masters set-up
Daily quests giving almost no exp to progress your "reputation" with them and they gave you "gifts" after a fixed amount of levels?
I like the sound of it ! I hope this farmville thingy brings some chill gameplay for a change after decades of zoom zoom

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