Delirium Uniques and Areas Statistics

most deaths at cavern of anger cause of people just rushing through act 1 not cause you changed difficulty of some monsters lol.
No please dont nerf tabula. It's the best gear to leveling and testing skill gems
Top 10 Uniques - Level 70+

Tabula Rasa
Atziri's Promise
Perandus Blazon
Watcher's Eye
Lion's Roar
Rumi's Concoction
Survival Instincts
Fevered Mind
If you're using Rotgut especially paired with Overflowing Chalice 90% chance your build is bad. No idea why people keep using these flasks. But it's so - damn - common to see it.
It’s so rewarding to do T16 maps like sunken city where they are incompatible with delirium fog. #failedleague
I guess Survival Instincts is bots
FNX_Heroes wrote:
TauOrigin wrote:
Is it time to nerf?

There's a unique and very expensive belt that is clearly overpowered and should have been nerfed leagues ago :)

Xanoth wrote:
nskLantash wrote:

Maps like Desert, Maze, and Dungeon just feels horrible to run. I'm not sure why these 3 feel the worst to me, Museum and many others are equally as bad.

Cause at maze and desert you try to run a specific chematic and either way you decide to run it, it's always the wrong path.... you get maybe to the boss or to a very long dead end, so for the whole backtracking you have most likely no flask and can only rely on a movement skill.
GregoryOwO wrote:
Merveil's ads are stronger than she is. C'mon dude. That fight is way too hard.

you care for her ads? o.o"
hmm..why Perandus Blazon so popular? Quantity?

my takeaway from this is.... wait people actually use rotgut?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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