Delirium Uniques and Areas Statistics

When will this league end tho?

Also, I'm surprised that Tropical Island maps aren't in the most ran maps.
Merveil is one of the bosses with the worst design i've ever seen, some builds can put her in the garbage can, but the other builds will have problemas, but the reason is not the mechanics or damage: its mana.

If im not going mines or dot, im using at least 4 mana flasks for the fight.

I would say Innocence, Merveil and act 3 Piety are the hardest, but Malachai and Kitava are kinda easy now.

a8 sirus still 2hard4me tho
//go next
[Removed by Support]
how dare u to ignore the real rank 1 charted unique rly demands a midleague nerf and this item should be removed anyways from the game or
at least has its drop chance reduced by 99% and be a 5Link

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