Delirium Uniques and Areas Statistics

Rossmallo wrote:
"One of the most interesting takeaways from this is how almost all of these maps have one thing in common; they're linear. It's quite cool to see that the league mechanic is clearly influencing player choice, especially when you contrast this list to that from Legion league, where many of the maps were more spacious and wide-open."

Mostly because Delirium barely worked on anything other than a long hallway.

And don't forget that you are practically bound to zoom zoom like a f*cking stupid before the delirium fog disappears... Even I feel this league was the most rewarding for me, it's the worst designed IMO, taking into account that they said they didn't want to point the game into the "zoom-zoom builds" direction, but if are not fast enough your loot might be complete crap.

I hope this new league comes with a better (and more controllable) mechanic.
I feel better knowing that other players struggled with Merveil and Tukohama too.
Really hoping 3.11 will move away from an obvious clear speed meta.
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Why perandus blazon is in top? My guess is that 99% of its users are bots and ggg should fix their s**t!
As you can see, Tabula Rasa is the most-used unique when we look at all character levels.
Tabula Rasa now only drops from red tier maps, this is buff.
LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
As you can see, Tabula Rasa is the most-used unique when we look at all character levels.
Tabula Rasa now drops as an unlinked 6 socket item and has the following modifier:
When using Orb of Fusing on this item, you are Lucky while you are on Low Life
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who the fuck dies to merveil wth
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Its nice to see that a lot more people are pretty chill with this game like myself. Were not all top 1% streamers that zoom zoom everywhere at lightspeed with insane meta builds.

Delirium really does only work well with long hallway or long linear type maps for most of us lesser, mere mortals.
Awesome statistics! thanks for sharing
OlaSarcasm wrote:
bring back c h a s e u n i q u e s

Voices is IMO the best chase unique since Watcher's Eye, largely because there's four different versions, all have the same core functionality but there's a definite reason to want to upgrade if you have a 'lesser' one. Anyone at endgame can (now) afford 7 burned socket Voices if they want the item.

It's like what Synthesis got most right - you could very easily get a Synth Hubris with one very good mod (say flat tier 1 ES implicit), but then it was a big jump up in cost for the next small power boost (two very good implicits), and a monumental leap up in cost for the next boost.


I'd be interested to see what happened if for 'normal' tier 1 rarity uniques like Shavronne's Wrappings, Kaom's Heart etc, there was a 1-2% chance to instead have a chase version drop. Relic rarity (in artwork), and stats that go a bit beyond what's normally available. Like a Mjolnir that has a 135ms internal cooldown instead of 150ms, or a Kaom's with 600hp instead of 500hp.

Core functionality of the item accessible to all (at endgame), best version is an extreme chase item.
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