Tentative Announcement of the Announcement

If you want a quick and dirty way to revamp the league and add lifetime just add nemesis to the map device pool. Easy coding and will be like a new league for the last two weeks!
My friend says if the new league doesn't have any sort of "new crafting potential" then he won't play. Please include something which meets this requirement.
Think 75% are for the delay, as long as it will make new content less buggy. The other 25% must be new players who think bugs are part of the game feature.

Extend the delirium league, let people enjoy heralds before killing them. Or do a flashback something. Legacy league with league stones was favorite.
Thanks for all the hard work. Excited for next league!
that'll do, donkey. that'll do.
jrockjake wrote:
League delay due to corona. Even though the country you live in had barely a thousand people infected out of nearly five million people.

Seems legit.
You do understand what they are talking about? Working from home etc?
Thanks for the update. Appreciate reaching out to the community and keep us posted. Please take care of your health first. It's not easy to carry out scheduled release working from home.

All the best
Can we have a flashback league like CHINA has in the mean time?

Thank you for the Update!

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