Tentative Announcement of the Announcement

SO the end date for Delirium is.. when?

Since the start date for the next league seems to be a soft target right now.
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I love GGG, and Path of Exile, I'm glad that most news indicates the well being of others, and it's sad to hear that there will be a delay. I hope there is enough time at work that I'm able to adjust my requested time off otherwise I will unfortunately, have to wait and plan better next time at least it will be a good break either way. :)
rip my vacation...
You guys rock
Honestly I would welcome a week or two of delay since I couldn't play for a while, you guys can entertain yourselves with streamer leagues in the meantime anyway.

Delays the league 1-2 weeks! We are in unprecedented times with the Corona virus and completely understand that it would have an impact on development.

We've waited 3 months and we can wait a little longer. Buggy launches aren't to anyone's benefit!
Delay the launch please.

Don't disappoint your players with another meaningless heralds.

The game design team should check the game properly with the extra weeks.

Please dont give everyone a heart attack with unbalanced stuff anymore.
cant wait
Please dont launch during midsummer (19th july). Noone from the scandinavic countries will be able to play. its a holliday where everyone leaves their home to be with friends. Im not sure what % of your playerbase is from swe norway finland denmark, but 0% of them will play if you launch this date.

Please postpone it even further.
very nice! I just hope my isp can fix the packet loss so poe becomes playable again.

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