[3.11] Chainbreaker Explosive Arrow Ballistas Hierophant - budget friendly/amazing clear/big dps

would like to see any video of this now been wanting to try this since last league. the PoB is showing only about 5500 hp and some MoM was wondering how tanking is?
It's pretty tanky. I just managed to kill AW8 deathless...

I mean the kill was really slow....... but hey.. my gear kinda sucks. No AS on bow, barely any wed.. pretty budget setup, only thing expensive is +3 bow and that's 3ex.

Vid here
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You might want to review your gems section on PoB btw.
Ah yeah sorry the pob is now outdated, thanks for the reminder. I'll try and fix it up.

Just import my character for a better idea.
Certainly an interesting take on totem build. Tested and killed A8 Sirus and Shaper, quick clear speed, good bossing damage.

I wonder though how would you rate this bow?
Also i'm using slower projectiles cause i suck at painting. Faster attack i use just for clearing.
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The pob has been updated.

That bow isn't so great in its current form

A regular +3 bow with crafted attack speed would be a big dps upgrade

You really want attackspeed on your bow, and gem level is better than any wed

So you could craft it harvest, but the attack speed crafts are so expensive right now (i paid 2ex per for my bow to hit AS)

Getting onslaught/ignite prolif would be nice QoL too

I see, still i killed 2nd a8 sirus rather easily (excluding off-screen oneshot) and it can clear fast and kill bosses fast.
All in all a fun build, especially considering my love of minion/totem builds. I have to ask though, why not use culling strike on orb of storms? Killed more than one sirus before a8 with it as soon as he hit the threshold.
I dont really have the links, at least not in harvest. The increased critical strikes is important to help trigger elemental overload.

plus i have it on my bow :D

I'm running curse on hit/increased crit/flammability in my OOS. If i had a flam on hit ring, i'd use that and rethink my links.

Have a look at this Aw8 i just did, using barrage instead of fire pen.
The damage is pretty insane, considering how safe this build is.

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I will have to try barrage support next time i get to that nightmare of a boss, it certainly seems interesting.
Leviathan37 wrote:
I will have to try barrage support next time i get to that nightmare of a boss, it certainly seems interesting.

Just realised i never posted the video


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