[3.11] Chainbreaker Explosive Arrow Ballistas Hierophant - budget friendly/amazing clear/big dps

Carlovski wrote:
Managed to craft it in the end, really was not worth over multimod, but I was stubborn. Proj speed is a junk mod, but not trying again!

Swapping less duration in for ele damage with attacks works ok for mapping. Could buy an enchanted helm, but that means swapping, and the only one listed for devoto's online is 5ex (Though can probably haggle down)

Using devoto's and tweaking some gear has got me to 44% chaos res though, which is nice.

Damn, nice bow mate!
Yeah it's a nice bow. My complete lack of skill and co-ordination on the Sirus fight still means I make a mess on it on what should be a super easy build for the fight though!
Do you think this build is functional in an ssf environment?
Impressive build. I am playing around with it right now, Even without the Cluster Jewels, this could be a nice league starter.

I am probably going to try it without the jewels this weekend to see how successful it is,

Thanks for taking the time to post it.
I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
added a map gameplay video for the people asking

It's an indoor map, but it's even better in outdoor situations.
So I changed my tree & got rid of all the cluster jewels. The build plays well. It took me 15 minutes to kill the Shaper but I was able to do it. A couple of deaths.

Might use this at the start of the next league.

Edit: Should mention I have crappy gear still. With decent gear & refining my tree, it would be a lot better. Guess Path of Building & I are going to be friends for a while.
I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
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Do you up this build for the 3.11 ?
I've done a lot of testing in the last few days.

This build will be a great leaguestarter. With the catch being, it is most certainly not a good leveling build.

You don't get any of the gems you need, explosive arrow feels bad without at least 5 links, and dont even consider doing it until you ascend to at least cruel lab.

In regards to what we know about 3.11 so far, being able to anoint "watchtowers" will be a nice QoL buff, 11% MS and totems cant be slowed beyond base speed (good for fights like shaper and uber elder, although with all our attack speed, i'm not sure they would go below base anyhow)

Your best bet is to level as something else.

I've been doing basic orb of storms/wave of conviction and incorporating divine ire totems when i ascend.

Keep in mind i've been testing in SSF without access to any of the uniques.

Quillrain should however,be very easy to get pretty much straight away, same with the quiver. Grab a tabula, until you get a 6L Quillrain (could even do the porcupine div card and chance it depending how cheap the orbs are, it's about 400 chance orbs on average)
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The new chain breaker notable will be very interesting for this build! Everyone is talking about ancestral war chief, but forgetting ranged attack totems. It may mean dropping orb of storms, which might make triggering elemental equilibrium harder, but hey... 50% attack damage, 25% as and 10ms + the ability to berserk.

We get so much mana regen from the totems too.

New Warcrys will also be interesting, depending on the wording.

Is the build viable without the clusters? I have in mind to go with this build as a league starter in 3.11 but im worried about the viability of the build without the clusters, is there an alternative POB without cluster?

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