[3.11] Chainbreaker Explosive Arrow Ballistas Hierophant - budget friendly/amazing clear/big dps

Hmm not good!!! Big nerf :(

Sleepless Sentries
20% increased Totem Duration
You have Onslaught if you've Summoned a Totem Recently
Do you up your build for 3.11 ?
damn i HATE GGG, why they nerf +1 ballista...................................

this is so stupid..................................
how is this build going for you ?
I am playing it in Harvest as well, looks like just me and build owner and one other on ninja at 90+. Build is falling off hard for single target in T15s atm for me on a 6L quill rain, still using fan the flames instead of ignite prolif gem (fire pen in interim).

Not sure if point blank on the quiver actually helps explosive arrow damage or not? That might help the single target.

Clear is fantastic, if a bit delayed in damage output which requires a certain playstlye.

It's definetly not the easiest push for shaper DPS I've ever had at a league start, but I'm having fun.
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Yeah it was a fantastic build for very first day or two... but it falls off hard.

I hit red maps super fast (was rank 3 hiero before i went to bed end of day 1)

But the single target is rough as... It doesnt hold up in t16s. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it let me know!

I've tried going crit, it's a little better, but i've lost like 3k life... :|

PS if anyone is trying to roll the fan the flames jewel, make sure to use seed crafts..

I bought a fan the flames jewel with one socket, and looked for a crit/cold/lighting craft to add Eye of the Storm. Which is only good if you're trying crit.


Chainbreaker keystone fixes all the new problems!

You become more tanky, and do way more damage, this keystone is an absolute blessing.

New POB: https://pastebin.com/5QKM2kv8

Keep in mind, this doesn't include the bersker or rage buffs. Recording an AW8 video when i am able to spawn one.
Any suggestions on what skills to level with?
Hows your single target dps with chainbreaker?
You can level with a quill rain and explosive arrow no problem!

if not, level as Armageddon brand and respec around level 70

I leveled as arma brand, because i did this from the very very start of the league, and didnt have access to a quill rain for a few hours.

Single target is good, but killed aw8 with a quill rain isn't really possible anymore, you need to craft a +3 bow, but that's still pretty budget. Particularly with harvest crafts.

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