Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

Gruentod wrote:

Smells like a Reddit stampede to me... ;)

The reddit stampede was what was killing Synthesis, this is just people thinking back and saying: "huh, actually Synthesis was great!"
Wait, there's a story? :-P
Talisman's mechanic's should be back! And pls, allow us to add annoint to corrupted talisman! That will be great! Rampage will be so cool! I know there was items for rampage, but i think it's great mechanic's and should be able to craft it on rare item, make sor very rare unique jewel or smth. And last... bring back Legacy mechanic! Reliquary key was great! And that's something that will keep many players form start to end league i think.
Bring back Synthesis!
By far the best Lore is everything Vaal, Queen atziri and all the mysteries of that long lost civilization. For this the best league was Incursion which brought us a lot of extra info about the Vaal but still there's a lot of thing to discover.
Harbinger lore also is a gem, there is still a lot of mysteries to uncover. And as mentioned before me the most important part is to put more pressure to the ELder-Shaper storyline which was the backbone of this game.
Guys that was one the best storylines in modern age rpg-s, don't let it lost!
Does anyone have any idea what kingdom hearts was about?

PoE: Piety was a whore
KH: sora is pure at heart and cant turn to darkness?
But Talisman changed that. It introduced a new set of items, a progression, an endgame boss, and a story. After Talisman, every league was to feature these things.

As a nit-pick, Essence League contained neither story nor an endgame encounter, and neither did Legacy League. (which I can understand excluding for this purpose, but it was still a league.) Also worth noting that Legion had no more story than any pre-Talisman league, either.

And yes, I can also understand the mis-terming, since many of the leagues didn't really have any endgame BOSSES, only ENCOUNTERS/MAPS. (e.g, Perandus Manor, Domain of Timeless Conflict, Blighted Maps, and Simulacrum don't really qualify as bosses, but are definitely climactic encounters)

For that matter, it's important to note that the level of story written into each league has varied:

  • Some, as mentioned above, have no more story than pre-Tasliman leagues; the story is limited to "oh hey, there's this new type of encounter." (Lore, in this case, is not story; we get lore even from unique item flavor text, but that does not grant the game story that the player plays through.)

  • At the opposite end, we have leagues like Betrayal and Synthesis, which have complex, lengthy storylines for the player to make it through, with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Anything less, and... All the hard work on the expansion will basically yield no improvement that doesn't evaporate after the first week or two of media blitz.

  • Still others rest in the middle, like Bestiary, Abyss, or Incursion, which have some degree of story to go along with explaining the encounters. Some have even more storyline than those, like Prophecy league, where there's a small degree of actual storyline progression.

That's why, as an announcement, this was a little disappointing, since it didn't address this level of disparity... And really just explain the "zero day rule."

It also illustrates a problem with the "Zero day rule," that it leads to a LOT of story content being bunched up at the same point, with it all being thrown on top of each other at the same time. It results in a tangled mess of separate storylines, that, to be honest, I don't think many players fully sort through.

It has ALSO led to some infuriating retcons to fit other stuff in, often WORSE content. The elephant in the room here is Conquerers of the Atlas, which is easily some of the worst writing (not just design or gameplay) the game has had in the past few years... Whose insertion required retconning out the "War for the Atlas" storyline. (which by contrast was one of the best pieces of writing, even if it borrowed heavily from other sources)

And even beyond stuff that was retconned out entirely, a lot of interesting things were largely left forgotten, or terminated unexpectedly. Piety (whom, before 3.0.0 came out, was the only character to show up in all acts) basically got entirely forgotten after her supposedly final death in Act 4. Hell, MOST of the interesting storylines in Acts 1-4 were basically scrapped for the rather ho-hum "Fall of Ortiath" storyline that spanned 6 acts.

If "Path of Exile 2" is to be anything other than a branding deal to get the media to give another expansion more attention, GGG is going to have to find a way to radically rework all existing plotlines (as well as side-games) to fit into a single, coherent thread.
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I would like to see the darkshrines again. I love the randomness of what happens when you interacted with them.
I love the lore of the game but league story is pointless for me. Its just there and its always mysterious.
(You don't know anything about it and every league has more questions then answers lore wise which is why I stopped bothering to follow league stories)

And end league story is still there unless you are new to the game. Then you dont know anything about Shaper and Zana lore and how elder ties to this. In the new end game its just "omg big scary dude come kill him exiles".
You removed the best part of the lore which is Shapers Memory Fragments.
(Which you can only see now on old youtube videos and wiki now)

I have faith lore in PoE2 will be great but don't see you guys ever doing a proper league story that actually has meaning and not just; looks cool, doesn't explain anything.
(I mean whats the lore point of the whole blight league... There is non it would have if you released that unique map for the blight league that someone had to datamine from the files to find)

Like the whole lore of delirium is just like those books that end without an ending then its up to your imagination to think what/who/why all this is happening. The only thing we know from the whole delirium is that he is Ralakesh's brother(even that might not be true since he sais that and it can mean something else)

And don't even want to talk about the show that is synthesis league and explaining nothing in that lore part that is supposed to be HUGE!!!
(I guess synthesis isnt cannon since if it is I'm shocked you left it in such a bad shape lore wise)

Well that's my rant even tho nobody will see this

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