Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

Metamorph, blight, and synthesis please
A new player here, so... CLARITY please. My experience so far has been: everything, everything, tons of stuff, tons of stuff, BLAH, BLAH, BLOB.
Nahuaatl wrote:
A new player here, so... CLARITY please. My experience so far has been: everything, everything, tons of stuff, tons of stuff, BLAH, BLAH, BLOB.

Please bring back the first Zana voice actress. That Russian accent was awsome. Maybe you could implement her voice acting for a new toon.
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I like to think of the world as something like the Dark Souls universe where cycles repeat and certain themes are always present from previous cycles/leagues with new ones added in. There are always new challenges/bigger bosses, but the player comes back stronger after every death to meet the new challenge.

And yeah, I would like to see how beautiful Kalandra is.
I mean you could just reveal that the character is a time traveller. Alva already does some weird time travelling stuff, so the concept isn't even new to Path of Exile.
Please please WAY more Beyond-Lore!
tsHavok wrote:
I want to see much more harbinger!

Yes please expand on this I loved this league.

Also even though not popular I wish we could still have talisman drop that could be upgraded to T4

Not part of the lore or game per se but Im sure im not the only one that wants POE Royal back in some access by a new npc maybe...the ultimate would be an entry fee of say 10C...1st place 500C, 2nd 300C 3rd 200C or something similar.
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RAizQT during Kammel HC race
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Hoverpope wrote:
I would kill for more quality time spent with Izaro. He's the most interesting character going. Preferably in Synthesis!

Yeah as much as I hate lab when I go through it super squishy, I think it is hands down the richest addition to the game. I mean hell all your ascendancies are based on this encounter with Izaro. The stuff he says is on Yoda’s level.
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First and foremost, I second all more rich lore/interactions requests!!

But I'd like to also request some changes to things that really annoy me from a role play experience perspective:
- The lack of background/transition on Helena's passion for Greust (I was like "where did that come from?" the first time I saw it)
- We shouldn't be able to visit Part 1 versions of towns after entering Part 2. Lioneye's Watch is just only one place, isn't it? And if Nessa is kidnapped or Greust is killed, then that's it.
- When the world becomes dark, in Act 2, shouldn't everyone one on the game notice that? I remember going back to Lioneye's Watch eager to see what they would say about it and feel disappointed that nobody noticed what I just did to the sky...
- Is it just me, or Izaro's dialogues and the poem's and texts we encounter during the labs are all the same? (I did the basic and the Cruel one and noticed the lore was exactly the same!) That didn't make any sense to me.

Also as a suggestion, if every exile is from one of the classes, why isn't that dying exile one of them too? It could be a different class for each choice, or a random one everytime, and maybe say different things.
These little things and details all add to gameplay to me and make me feel much more in the mood for playing and discovering new or overlooked details!

Restryouis wrote:
Tbh I expected the War for the Atlas to "happen" in Poe1 and Conquerors in Poe2

I second that too, to me this change was a lot confusing (even more so cause I didn't play Metamorph league).

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