Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

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As a relatively new player I think that rule sucks. There are so many things going on in game I have no clue about and that aren't actually explained in any way. The weird monolith that spawns a bunch of statues that if you kill come alive to rape you, or the monolith that has this red thing expanding from it that spawns shit to come and rape you. My first league was delve, and I only had like a week in that league so never learned anything about going deeper.

You just keep slamming more and more into the core gameplay that just make it harder and more confusing for new players, which is a detriment to your game because you always need new players.

Honestly, I'd rather see every league season have a new league, then in case people don't enjoy that league run a few previous leagues as well. let people choose between 3-5 different leagues per league season. Then you have no reason to try to mash all the different mechanics together and you can stop this games absolutely INSANE amount of power creep.
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Leagues are lore.
Wraeclast is just another map in the atlas world, and the exiles keep going through over and over again until they go crazy, have their memories wiped and start over. It'll end up being Zana who keeps sending us through, each time activating/adding different watchstones with different effects. Trying to do what, I don't know. Maybe find a way to get her father back. Maybe she's just nuts too.

I still wonder if the delirium boss isn't you, but Zana. Her post uber-elder dialogue is similar to some of the things the strange voice says.
The truth is that atm the lore is a pile of mess due to all those things mixed together. And it has been a constant running gag since few years...

In the same vein it seems really tough justifying having simultaneously:
- enigmatic creatures that may or may not pierce "the veil"
- breaches that link the world to some form of elemental planes
- abysses
- infinite layers of tunnels(wich kind of contredict with abysses)
- interspecies reviewers
- true prophets
- the corruption wich go out of the soil, but what corruption, where does the freaking singing sister nurse comes from
- armies of old wars frozen in time here of there
- remnants of the "old ones". Beastiary/Talismans...

On top of that, 5 small bastions of humanity, exiles who can't die, rogue exiles who can't die, freaking mad max warbands, mystical crime syndicate VS ninja, hemophilia joane of jones and the lab.

And I've not spoken about delirium or the streamline story.
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Now it all makes sense! Zana is probably more than high or is she forced to relive the horror's that she has caused? Unless, one day she becomes the main boss to fight?
Even with the attempt to make everything coherent it is probably a bit late and a bit messy overall due to the sheer number of leagues/stories now interwoven. I think the Act 10/Epilogue transition was mentioned a few times in comments.

Otherwise I appreciate the effort spent on not letting everything become a total swamp.

Nonetheless, I do feel a bit of excitement in anticipation of what's to come.
Specifically the otherworldly invasions of the Harbingers and especially Beyond. I might read a bit too much between the lines, but Sirus' dialogue during his fight gave me hope we might get to see the Beyond at some point.

Bring back Synthesis please!
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What about the Vaal? Why are people still loyal to Atziri? Why are they choosing to live there if it's just a constant bloodbath? Is she the apex of the Vaal or is she herself worshipping something else? Their story doesn't seem firmly linked to the shaper elder or conquerors.

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