Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

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Path of Exile 2 alpha or closed beta, when?
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Please make this happens.

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missed synthesis, so it would be nice, breach, legacy, delve, and remove abyss ( so useless now ) and delirium ( worst mechanic ever seen ) unless you prepare the diablo 4 arrival ^^
I Would like to see more Cutscenes after acts and maybe middle etc, like diablo 2 style, which includes some storytelling and maybe some cool bossdeaths and nice cliche voicelines. thats the only way i could enjoy the lore of the game because im too lazy to read. And ofc because this is the game where u start the campaing multiple times per league, we should have "cutscenes" toggle in game options so we could just disable them when we got tired of skipping them. i bet new players also likes get story being delivered by cutscenes and get them to stay in the game more longer, just to be able to see what happens after each decision, rather than just running around and skipping all the npc dialogues. i played the game for 5 years, i think, and i have never listened single npc dialogue complitely, i have no idea of the story of the game, because im lazy, not a bookworm, and there are no cutscenes that delivers the lore the way i would enjoy it
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That is a great way to design the lore. I was particularly impressed with the voice lines of the "voice" in Delirium. And how at some point it slowly started to talk about the things I was doing. That was an awesome touch and it made the encounter all the more interesting.

I am a sucker for the lore, and love little things like that. Or big things. Whichever way one looks at them.

Tbh for PoE 2 I have no preference lore wise, or tying stories, and that because its a "fresh" start or narrative and I want to be surprised. Just go ahead and do what you do best :D

I am sure that there will be a way to reference all the past leagues since they are to be (from what you had us know) integrated into PoE2, and I am just curious how it will all play out.

My concerns are more with the mechanics, and in particular the passive skill tree. I just hope that it remains in tact in terms of design, you guys took such a long time to refine it to a point that it now all just makes sense. Further refinements as always are welcome, but without changing the core way that it works.

As for finding a way to make new players more welcome to the seemingly "crazy" that is the passive skills tree at the moment, that is one thing I could suggest an opinion on.

But for story. There is so much, and so much more that we don't know I am sure that are notes (etc) that you guys are sitting on, that I really just want to experience a new fresh narrative and in those cases I want to be surprised, and not create expectations. Kinda makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

Unlike perhaps another part of the community, I write a lot of my own stories, and in this way I really do not put any thought into "what I would like" for such situations. I already write what I want as it is :D I just want to see the great work others create in such cases and simply enjoy it :)

Go ahead and surprise us guys, Can't bloody wait for PoE 2.

ps. the idea I had for making the passive tree a simpler approach for newcomers was with "Archetypes". Upon getting the first skill point and opening the Passives menu, I was thinking it would be great to disable any skill point allocation, and next to the starting point have like a "round UI" encompassing the character portrait that has 4 selections in it.

3 circles, kind of in the style of the strength, intelligence, dexterity outline in setup, that are all a set archetype for each character, and a circle in the middle that is "free form" (or something).

Upon selecting one of these, the passive tree lights up with a "path" of pre-selected skills for that starter archetype selected. Applying skills from there on can follow the path, or not, and allow new players to have that initial help in deciding how to build, and/or in the process learn to deviate as well from initial selections.

Example, a critical dagger build for a shadow character can be chosen, and then an easy starter passive build on that can light up (or instead make all the other passives grey, even though they can be selected, so as not to confuse the UI too much) and a new player can simply follow this to make their new critical dagger character.

The "free form" will simply get rid of any such help so the passives are like now, and people just do whatever they want.

Its in a great way in my opinion to teach a newcomer the strings, and kind of aching to just going online and reading a build and following it. With the difference that it is not refined with items, skill gems, etc etc. And in this way can teach relatively easy where nodes are. (Say for the same example, a newcomer can see where the basic critical nodes are and get an idea of a layout).

Going forward, I think the best way to experience the game would be free form, and upon learning pretty much the "lay of the land" in the passive tree through these selections, even a newcomer should at that point enjoy making their own builds.

I am an advocate of people experimenting and exploring builds, so any way to simplify the tree whilst keeping it in tact, and getting rid to some extent people "online build searching" is a good thing. From there on, people will always search online for builds. But at least it wont be because they simply have no idea what to do, and a new player could have less incentive to do so if some tools were given in game to make their building simpler.

And thats about all I can think of going forward for PoE 2 in terms of things I would like to see :)
I would love to see a part two to the Talisman league. Despite some public voices claiming it was a bit thick and slow , I believe the mechanics introduced had interesting potential. Dropping an acquired talisman to bait monsters to a location offered interesting possibilities when it comes to story creation and game mechanics , such as dealing with some traps or preventing clogs from forming at bottleneck areas. GGG seems to have had a hard time dealing with area creation so far given that most of the player base seems content with killing mobs and scary bosses with ridiculously over powered skills , which has some quality , but I would prefer if this game had a bit more thinking involved in the heat of battle , where solving some puzzles and dealing with enemy formations actually was a thing. Some features of the game would have to be adjusted to make this idea workable , such as making mobs visible on the minimap beyond a screen away from players. This way we would have to think twice before rushing in and blowing everything to bits. Because some fortified placed would become unapproachable given that a too dense concentration of mobs (which would have to be designed with some basic formation concepts) would deal an insufferable amount of damage if we didn't think twice about simply rushing in. This mechanic should also make playing in parties somewhat more enjoyable , though not essential , to create a never seen before level of interaction with the game.
Now , when it comes to dealing with the talismans themselves , I think the method to upgrade those also held some merit , but the randomness of the end result from combining those was all too often disappointing , which is why I think the general public thought very little of the Talisman league as a whole. It has been years since this league and its mechanics where introduced and GGG has had the chance to offer us new methods of crafting , which each had more or less success given that they kept trying to outdo themselves by creating more appeal without making it too decisive. I think talisman upgrades should break the RNG standard and offer a bit more consistency by narrowing the end result with a conjugation of the stats from what was used with each sacrificial recipe. I would feel more involved with the end result reward if this were the case , instead of plowing through endless overabundance of worthless loot or getting a result that shows no relevance with the ingredients used. I just hope that GGG will manage to create a better looting system , because the Delirium league is a perfect exemple of this lack of creativity and selectiveness , where more than we can handle is created at the end of some encounters , which lacks complete realism in my opinion.
I'm always asking myself 'Is that which dropped from a monster or chess realistically something that it could have carried or contained ?', and more often than else , it is not. Fantasy , and the games based around it , shouldn't break some basic ideas , such as the rule of encumbrance. Since players are already dealing with it to some extent , the same should apply to monsters to a certain degree. RNG creates interesting possibilities , but not every result is desirable nor reasonable. I thought the Betrayal league better managed this concept since the rogues we killed dropped loot that could be used and carried by a player , but when a monster drops two armour pieces of the same type or multiple weapons I keep asking myself 'Had this small frog or rat eaten three adventurers before I had slain it ?'
Ok so what I think can make the PoE 2 better:

1. Add group content.
2. Story quest for every league not just meeting the new League NPC that says "Hey I am the new content. Click this after X time and Y waves of mobs you get loot"
3. Story Quests with which we can know more about bosses(before facing them) and the NPCs in the hideout.
4. Lore cinematics around 1-5 min.

Or after PoE 2 just make an MMORPG in the world of Wraeclast you can expand on Base classes and Ascendancy classes in terms of visuals and specific class mechanics. We can have the option to choose the loot we want for what we are playing like an in-game loot filter for Base and Ascendancy classes. You can make playing with other people matter because now it doesn't, there is no reason playing with other people other than having chat with your friends while leveling or mapping, everything in the game can be done without having to speak with other people. Add an in-game auction house that works with the game currencies. why I have to wait for someone to be online so I can buy that Cluster Jewel or that unique etc.
1)Definitely Harbinger. This story was always meant to have a sequel, and you guys even teased that one would be coming eventually, and yet that hasn't happened.
2)Delve. Delve didn't exactly have a "story", but it still felt abrupt that we never really found out the true nature of the darkness inside the mine and what the mine even is, relative to the rest of the world.

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