[3.13]🏹 Poison Barrage-VF / Scourge Arrow / TR PF | Bottled Fortify | The Tankiest Ranger + High DPS

@aurican65 your build looks crazy expensive, but im always looking for variations so maybe i will check it when i get enough money late in the league :)

Personally i has been playing this build whole harvest (cleared everything and hit lvl 97 for the first time) and i started with it again this league. It is not as league starter friendly as other might be but really pays of later in the league.

My three cents/additions to the build that might be usefull for someone:

For single target dps: additional arrow and head enchant are big additions. The biggest upgrade will be prolly swapping vrift to either darkscorn or crafted elder bow. It is also important to have long enough duration for wither stacks, those give alot of dps when stacked and since blast rain has only 20% chance to add stack, we need to increase our chances with duration and as many arrows as possible. Helmet should also have craft that increases duration of ailments on focus - this is also huge dps increase if you play correctly.

Playstyle: this build requires some kind of rotation, if you just want to push one button and thats all, it wont work, but it also gives satisfaction from learnig.

Single targed rotation: start with blast rain, let it hit target for few seconds to stack wither, move close to target, pop your focus and then start shotting fully charged scourge arrows, after that you just pop your blast rain and scourge arrow ocasionally while waiting for focus being off cd.

For dying from one shots: flesh and stone aura is your friend, if you not use it, you should because its one of the best defences we have. It is also important to understand that you need to have high enough hp pool to survive huge hits. From my experience from previous league, i limited one shots by huge margin when i hit around 5k life.

For AOE clear: big cluster jewel with unspeakable gifts is in my opition best clear option for this build we have without some super crazy investments - this together with additional spore from head enchant will allow you to super fast farm of t16 maps.

So for the end, my thoughts on how to go forward with this build.
- double fortify on focus on chest - seems very strong option if combined with the rotation i described for single target - thats what im testing now
- multiple alternate quality gems will be also very nice for this build:
- crawler giving wither stacks
- increased duratation of ailments on mirage archer and withering touch
For those lacking single target damage - check your character builds and also prioritize the following:

1) Make sure your hit chance is above 95%
2) make sure with HOAG your chance to poison is 100%
3) Get a source of +1 arrows
4) Helmet enchant / 6 link / despair curse / cluster jewels
5) Elder thicket bow was an insane buff for me
6) POB and make sure the points you're using are optimal and not subpar compared to other things
Is this bow Worth to swap with the Voltaxic ?
No Poison Damage on the item.
The dot multi is the highest imo where i can Craft.
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That bow looks awesome, I would for sure swap over.
Thanks !!
Then i will give it a try :)
How about those: https://poedb.tw/us/Replica_Volkuurs_Guidance

Replica Volkuur's Guidance
Zealot Gloves
Adds (17–23) to (29–31) Chaos Damage
+(60–70) to maximum Life
+(29–41)% to Chaos Resistance
Your Chaos Damage can Ignite
Chaos Skills have 20% chance to Ignite
50% less Ignite Duration

seems decent synergy we have ok chance to ignite
Hello ! Can anyone take a look at my build? Im doing tier 6 maps now im not sure where to go from here.

I still die quite frequently and im not sure what to do.
Dps wise im quite satisfied.


Thanks in advance!
Guys. Pickup a lvl 21 scourge arrow. It's like 5c. 2k dps upgrade from lvl 19.

Just out of curiousity;
Which bow should I be using?

I still feel lacking in single target damage probably because I haven't 5L'd either one for the Wither stack on bosses.
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Is infused channeling the best choice ? i see deadly ailments seems to be having better dps? Or is the 8% less chaos dmg more worth it?
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