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What are the thoughts on getting a double corrupt Onslaught Oros, and taking the phasing Ascendancies instead?
I can't speak for everyone, but as far as i'm concerned, i'm using phasing ascendancy.
I really prefer the dodge over the evasion. Also the onslaught effect is pretty good early on to zoom through maps, but i feel it's kinda lacking smthg against boss.
Add that, with that much attack speed and 7 links flicker, it's hard to sustain mana.
I played for some time with a doble corrupted Oro with onlsaught and accuracy (so still need fortify in the main link) and it was pretty good.
I finally got a fortify Oro and i am now just playing with 8% chance of onslaught on kill abyss jewel and it is ok for mapping.
You can take a look at my POB if you want. Make sure to select the Oro you want to test in items and socket the flicker in it.
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5h4z4m wrote:
porcupines corpses explode on death, so use a cluster jewel with cremator on it. If you can't use one yet, immortal call with CWDT should be ok at first.

Infernal cry gives exerted attacks, but it doesn't work with multistrike supported skill. We use infernal cry just for covered in ash and explosions.

i see. thanks.

what do you think about fire leech incursion amulet and moving the flammability to a ring instead?
i think the question about flamability ring has been asked in the thread, but can't remember the answer.
I would say that personnally i just can't fit a curse on a ring, and if i can do so it will be assassin mark. The flamability from ring is just too weak compared to a free lvl 21 from the amulet but you could free 2 gems slots doing so. I think it really depends on your personnal build and preference. I would just use POB and check the dps diffence between the two options.

For the fire leech from amulet:
Leech is a "complex" mechanic and i may be wrong on this so pls someone correct me if i am.
Flicker hits very fast and each time you hit you leech a portion of the damage. So there are multiple instances of leech giving you life at a specific rate. Having more leech (like on the amulet) isn't helping at all because we reach easily the maximum leech per second/instance (?) (this is where i get confused). Anyway, try it, but i think your life won't get up faster. What you need is vaal pact for doble the maximum rate or implicits on the jewels "total recovery from leech per second". Any life recovery will also help, like on the belt (not recovery from life potion obviously, just the shaper mod IIRC).

Edit: typo

Edit2: about the leech, reading myself made it clearer for me but my explaination is missing some crucial information: the multiple instances of leech will add together, this giving us life back BUT the amount of the sum of the instances cant be over a specific amount.
For some build you leech alot on big hits, for flicker you have more different instances of smaller hits, but the total rate will be the same if you dont invest in "total recovery from leech".

Edit 3: if you were just asking the question for leech as " can i get the 0.4% leech from amulet instead of the jewel node Feed the Fury?" the answer is yes. If it was as "should i get more leech on the amulet?" see my answer above.
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Tried Phasing ascendancy, have to say not a fan. Single target damage was much stronger, or felt at, presumably from even more fire exposure, but the slow movement speed was awful. Dropping from 180% to 115% is just pain.

In other news, I lucked out tonight on a Head Hunter. I've never even come close to owning one before, and my resists are a mess, but its kinda fun. Doesnt seem to really work fluidly though with mana being a regular issue as well as teleport distance stopping flow. Tempted to throw in an enhance on divergent flicker for some big range.
I am brainstorming to craft a new chest, what do you guys think would be the best mods to pick?

I'm thinking about Hunter/ Crusader or Hunter/redeemer...

- flat life
- % life
- +1.5% crit

- Additionnal curse for assassin mark? (but i would lose 10% spell dodge...)
- Frenzy charge on hit ?(in case i drop Oro for Phys sword)
- Power charge on crit? for even more dps but with no investement in power charge it may not be that crazy

- Explode? i dont really like this one as with melee splash kinda everything explodes already, alot we aren't scaling phys at all in the Oro's fire version...
==IGN: DefNotSummShaz
hello starting ur flicker as it look good on paper
how do you get rid of mana problem against boss ?
an other question your annoint on amulet is based on staves only we dont benefit while using oro's so why this choice ?
thx in advance
great guide

Mana problems arent really there when you have mana leech, either through fuel the fight or the one node beneath vaal pact. Adding to that crafting elreons non channeling skills have -11 to total mana cost helps alot.

The anoint is chosen purely because of the "10% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Melee Critical Strike" line. This isnt exclusive to staves and as we are critting alot this adds a good amount of durability to the build in earlier stages.
Im currently thinking about resuming my Oros Flicker build or get a BV to run 100% deli maps, would you say the build is viable for Deli farm with HH?
I'm curious why the author of the build switch to cold conversion raider flicker. Is that a better build? His character gear on his profile looks super solid.

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