3.10.1d Patch Notes Preview

Still no backtracking fix huh?
60x7 wrote:
Are we out of beta yet?

Lol so true, from 3.10 some shit show happening. League mechanic - shit, fps - shit, sound cause fps drop and even loot miss - shit, boss mechanics and spawn of conquerors - shit. ffs so many things broke its just unbelievable. This league is only one that I remember with good mtx as rewards and its just unplayable. Necros dead nerfs, so I decide to start like impale champion with aspect of cat 20+k armor flicker strike cyclone combo, and I died to every f delirium encounters combined with conquerors. I have pc that runs on 80 fps witcher3 and other games with max settings and I have problems in poe maps. And I see only fixes and not improvements and addition patch last 6 months and not because they add more but because the fix everything that was broken cause bad testing. Its make me a bit sad. My friends stop playing and this is the most bad reason and review I think. Wondering that Empy still rolling this out with friends. Guild tabs unplayable, league mechs unplayable, even 3.10 boses and mechs unplayable. And they fix flame dash mtx but celestials necro mtx still lagging asf. I am about to cry but I am grown 30years man so will go play some doom, witcher, divinity while you guys fix your game. And probably will wait poe2...
Livewire1423 wrote:
Just used an Orb of Horizon on a Shaper Guardian Minotaur map and it changed it to a regular map and not another guardian??

the patch is not out yet!! wtf are you doing?

Antigegner wrote:

- No Pledge of Hands fix? (by CountClunt)

it is working as intended according to ggg.

look here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2817565/page/5#p23088769

Keenan007 wrote:
You guys at GGG really need to start running PTR the game is becoming an alpha test for standard that nobody plays ?? you must of had this discussion in the office..


I love Path of Exiles and i will play each new league but please look at whats happening

see, why should ggg care? you play anyway according to your own statement. that means it's good enough.
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Nothing regarding the voice overs being clipped by the scrolling quest text being too fast?

please make that there is no monster in the delirium portal !!!!!!!!!!!
Oh noes, I liked how the Flame Dash was smaller while using the Scientist MTX version :(

And yay, performance !
Incarcerated wrote:
No fix for backtracking and having to zoomzoom maps is not good news. I was holding out for that. Guess that's it for me this league.
I don't usually feel so badly about a league even if there are problems but this league is just not fun. Other game mechanics so far allowed us to go at our own pace outside the mechanic itself and while interacting with things such as strongbox crafting, betrayal choices and generally not making us abandon thought and planning when doing maps. Now it's zoom, zoom, no time to think.
It's just not fun. Sorry.
I'm sad to see the march league be another 'bad' league as it historically has been but this was just too experimental. Better luck next time eh? No hard feelings.

Be back if things change, otherwise see ya next league :D

Have you tried delerium orbs?
Thanks. Please also sort out the issue with the currency tab. If you don't have this tab selected then NPC's and other tools like maps always say you don't have enough currency to make the purchase.
dachoppa wrote:
Added more preloading for various commonly-encountered assets.

just preload everything in the freakin map if enough ram is available

Yeah they could add option of how much RAM you want to use in order to predload.

Or give settings like most new games where it show how much VRAM and RAM you use on given settings you pick.
I understand that you have to develop poe2 and maintain the main game at the same time, but it is in such a bad state, that it actually would require daily updates to reach a acceptable state any time soon. There is NOTHING more important than the actual game we have RIGHT NOW. It cant stay how it is right now.

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