3.10.1d Patch Notes Preview

Well at least omniphobia doesn't get stuck when leap slamming anymore.I still get stuck in any little weird terrain or wall.
It's not a bug on Omniphobia's end, it's just so fat that the ground can't handle its weight.

//Definitely not fat-shaming...
Friendship with Path Of Exile has ended. Now [Insert a video game title here] is my best friend.
Here's to hoping that the stuttering issues will be fixed
"Fixed a bug where Omniphobia, Fear Manifest could sometimes get stuck in terrain after using its Leap Slam skill." ?????

This is not the priority. Stopping my character from getting stuck in walls and pillars with leap slam is the priority.
CountClunt wrote:
No Pledge of Hands fix? NotLikeThis

Didn't they say in someone else's thread not too long ago that PoH was working as intended, or something like that?
Fix sound engine plzzzz. stutter so hardddddd. :(((((
God I really really hope I can actually play and enjoy the friggin game after THIS patch. The Last patch for me was nothing but a shitshow of prolonged loading screens, Unexpected Disconnections, "Failure to authenticate Instance Transfer" on Login (with Unexpected Disconnection), too many fking bottlenecking Graphics effects all at the same time in overly tuned Mob density causing Freeze Lag, yes my poor potato laptop sux ok kkthx now GTFO and let me rant after another -10% exp loss for not loading into the friggin map on time and after the fking loading finally ends all I get reminded of is when I 1st started playing this game at the end of Delve League, this shit NEVER happened....like NEVER. It wasn't until some Betrayal spawning mechanisms (which got fixed BEFORE that league ended BUT BROKEN AGAIN EVER SINCE), and Synthesis League where it just felt like the piling on of code, this trend of adding more leagues to core, was really starting to make the performance plummet badly. The whole file needs cleaning up and slimming down. A lot of crap can get deleted from Cache files which can suddenly make the game load much quicker and respond mroe smoothly, but gets piled on again over time bringing those of us who dont have 32GB RAM and the latest Graphics drivers etc. to a point of feeling kinda hopeless.

Now we are at what about 25GB for the Standalone Client? So much bloat. Too Much Bloat. I am hoping to not get that Hopeless feeling after this patch. Here's to Hope GGG *thumbs up*

p.s. and ye I am saving up for a good gaming tower with all the guts to handle all the crap that you throw at us in .25 seconds or die and lose another 10% BS
and my pc is not even that old only 2 years old and my connection working normal

Yup I juiced up the map spend like 20-30c each map and the game crash,I reloggin and lost all my portal and my lvl 7 rewards delirium that I deserve!

and the back tracking,oh boyy I hate it!
you want us to go fast!
but then you want us to also pick a lot that drop like sheep turd while getting fucked by a mobs that you dont even know where they at!??


so you want us to backtracking???

the only thing I can enjoy is only simulacrum coz I dont need to back tracking,but even then its getting old by a few weeks

been playin since legion,..and must say delirium is really the most unstable game you guys ever releases

Guys Im out,I see you next season hope you guys can pulled the shit out together.

Just used an Orb of Horizon on a Shaper Guardian Minotaur map and it changed it to a regular map and not another guardian??
Just remove sirus from the game. Terrible boss and map performance.

Also, great patch solving secondary issues.

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