3.10.1d Patch Notes Preview

My body is ready
My body is ready

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Okay, so you've fixed the *rare* "sirus deletes you" issue with the Sirus fight with him teleporting you directly into storms, but what about the common one, where he delivers a completely untelegraphed "DIE!" beam from offscreen? He literally starts firing the attack before he says anything. That's not sane game design.
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What about this?

dachoppa wrote:
Added more preloading for various commonly-encountered assets.

just preload everything in the freakin map if enough ram is available

+1, I am not sure if you can pre-render but I'd rather wait 5 minutes before a map then have five minutes of 0fps as a direct result
And what about the bugs on the latency on every servers, like all the time 120ms going up tu 1000. There is a lot of players, others than me that have this problems. It's really anoying. It's everywhere in the game, in every servers. And it's only in this game ;( .
Trash performance, Trash bosses, Trash balance

thx GGG.
Antigegner wrote:
Just to reiterate the main problems that haven't been fixed yet and that people in this thread have mentioned:

- Still nothing about Follow-Through? It hasn't worked since the league started. (by Zaroua, by Shade7)

- No Pledge of Hands fix? (by CountClunt)

- No fix for backtracking and having to zoomzoom maps? (by Incarcerated, by Catfish_Joe)

- Can we please get some Awakener Improves to the colors used. It's just a wall of red and black (by dayhjawk)

- Cold snap spell slinger interaction not fixed yet (Maureeseeo)

- Please fix the Waypoint in Hideout cant be rotated nor flipped, its been awhile since 3.9 already. (by boruoudou)

- No fix for hinder/intimidate/unnerve etc. curse reflect reported issue almost 2 weeks ago. (by mcgx)

- Please fix arrows being permanently stuck into walls. (by Naitsirt)

- not enough sirus improvements (by quite a few players...)

- burial chambers mist not progressing bug not fixed??? (by azozgamer)

- any improvements on icestorm performance??? (by Paquitoman)

There are of course LOTS of other problems also....so GGG, better skip a league and make it a 'fix everything' semester.

--Add to that crashing when entering a portal,sometimes its random some other time i dont have it and finaly sometime its every single time.
No burial chambers fix? one of layout have bugged delirium mist underground location. It goin already 3 weeks or more...

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