[3.10] Inva's Indigon Archmage | 10k eHP | 40 million x 2 Shaper eDPS | Deathless 100% Delirium T16

FredFG wrote:
hey can you check my gear and tell me what i should improve

I looked at shredded_grandpa, he's naked. Tough to help out.
First of all BIG THANKS for this amazing build.
First time I am able to play a fast paced Char that melts bosses as well and makes lab runs easy enough (though my desired helm enchant won't appear)

I have two problems: My mana seems quite low with 7200 compared to you guys which surely reduces durability and damage.

Moreover i can't use controlled destruction instead of Controlled destruction or incr. crit.
Tried Omeyocan Boots + Light of Lunaris instead of my rares and no changes here except my survivability dropping heavily.
--> are these bad choices?

Can someone please help me to find my "hidden" error?

Profile is public, Char: Ermethor
sry for double-post
Last edited by Centhron on May 20, 2020, 2:01:37 PM
How would you say this build goes in 3.11 if you tried it ? Seems like it should still be as good as before

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