Path of Exile wins BAFTA Award for Evolving Game

Deserved, amazing game I could even say perfect just quite wished for one thing to make this game really ,really perfect and that would be south African servers <3 but further on please keep on the great work it has really been a amazing experience playing you're game and only hope it will even improve more <3 thank you for making such game id even say ^^

all of us fans and players appreciate all the hard work you guys keep putting in league after league

keep up the great work
Second-class poe gamer
Deserved !

There aren't many F2P games out there who can claim having such proximity with its community while also bringing regular new content FOR FREE ! And this is why I gladly invest money in POE every season I play. No need for battle passes, paid extensions or what not: just good content and feedback acknowledgement.
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Nice! deserved it.
GG GGG you deserve this
Awesome, my continuing addiction has been validated via a prestigious award!
It really means a lot to me as much as it means to you, you guys deserve it. I have been on a long journey with you and I, like many of us, have seen how PoE has evolved! This game seems like there is no roof on it.

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