Path of Exile wins BAFTA Award for Evolving Game

Well-deserved. Cheers, keep the greatness coming
Congratulations! Well deserved!
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Kaytrim wrote:
Congrats Chris and everyone at GGG for this award. Because the game is constantly evolving you guys get a lot of hate and not enough praise. That is the way of a constantly changing environment. Please keep doing the work you are even if there is a small angry and very vocal contingent that screams and shouts when you do something 'wrong'.

Honestly, it would be silly if you didn't win. There's so much to do in PoE it's ridiculous :D
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Congratulations !
So many cry babies ALWAYS on these forums crying about A FREE-TO-PLAY-GAME!! CongratsGGG for winning an award while being a FREE-TO-PLAY-GAME!! I learn new things all the time - new leagues every couple months with new content is pretty dope- only thing I don't like about it is when newer items make older items a little underpowered in standard. But- the game is evolving lol and it's not a big deal
Well deserved
Congratulations are definitely in order. Been proudly playing since 2013, and haven't lost interest yet. How you know a game stays fresh.

Plenty of whiners on the boards but that's how you know things are shifting. As a mentor of mine once told me, "If you aren't pissing someone off with the changes you are making in your life, they probably aren't noticeable changes." I'd say the same applies for a video game.

To me what sets PoE appart with it's constant evolving game play is that the Devs dont just drop changes and say "well here you go." The community is definitely kept in the loop of the why behind said changes. THAT to me is worth praise itself.

Congrats again GGG team, take the well deserved award and praise and forget about the whiners... even if for a day ;)
GJ! This was obvious, you make most creative and fastest evolving hack&slash! Diablo 4 after finish will be many years behind PoE:D

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