3.10.1c Patch Notes

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the salt is real
Very cool patch, thanks.
Adixoo wrote:
Still no changes to performance. :)

After patch 3.10.1 for me and my friends game is almost unplayable.

Before this patch game was running very smooth without single fps drop.

Adjusted CPU core usage for processors with fewer cores. This should result in reduced CPU usage and a more responsive game experience. <---- change or revert this shit

That actually works fine, stop using unsupported CPUs. (re: anything from Intel is hot GARBAGE.)
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i really glad you guys fixed some bugs!
But what about stucking in a WALL with Leap Slam? Will it ever be fixed? `cause honestly im kinda sick of it, espicially when you are stuck in a wall trying to run away from something...
In the last update you guys buffed Spite (delirium casters that stand in groups of 4 usually) and now they completely obliterate evasion based characters with the tuned up damage since they also have 100% accuracy. Please look into this
Still shit a lot of spike lags ...................................................................
I eat cats for breakfast.
Crying intensifies... So much salt ya all should open a business selling it...

Thanks for fixes!

Btw was rigwalds curse rly bugged all this time? Can someone confirm that for me
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