[3.12] Ball Lightning Miner | Facetank Sirus | Destroy All content (Archived)

hello. where's the 3.13 pob? looks like thread is not being updated
Dragonsky8 wrote:
It it just me, or does ele reflect kill me, when a lvl 1 wave of conviction procs on mobs in those maps? Purifying flame is also lvl 1.

I mostly vaal my maps, but I thought this build was quite ele-reflect immune, unless I missed some detail?

Yea, when you add lots of flat lightning dmg thru Arcane Cloak + Sigil of Power then your triggered spells may kill you in ele-reflect maps. You should remove Wave of Conviction and Purifying Flame gems from your weapon for these maps or you will experience random insta-deaths.
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Was planning to use this build as my next league starter, just find out this thread is archived. why is that? Does this build no longer work?
ye they killed it
we dead mate??

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