3.10.1 Patch Notes

the performance after Patch not that good :-(

EDIT: It seems that this only happens while on "windowed fullscreen" in "fullscreen" mode it runs alot smoother, this has nt happened before the patch.

btw. this screenshot was captured after I stood still for 20 seconds.

EDIT 2: it seems like vsync is causing this issue, frame rate doesn't go under 60 with vsync disabled
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"Fixed a bug where the effects of the Snipe skill, granted by the Assailum unique helmet, were not correctly removed after using the skill."


Also, Game is more RIPy now thanks to massive FPS spikes that this new patch introduced.
Simulacrum shards no longer drop.
Confirmed they do not drop where you are when the fog completes, where the delirium mirror initially spawns the delirium from, where the map boss completes, where the portal spawns, and if you die, where your body was. Confirmed all points when: dying before delirium ends, dying after delirium ends but before map boss is killed, and completing map with no deaths.

Also, haven't done rigorous testing but so far on the cpu front I'm not seeing noticable improvements with multithreading enabled, and was actually seeing *more* spikes to 100% with it disabled than pre-patch.
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Made various visual adjustments to Delirium mist to improve visibility of effects below the mist.

for me its much more bad then preivus change. why u listen to much fck reddit :/
good stuff
My game wont patch...sitting at 0% download rate...what happened?
The Snipe bug is still present
Much worse performance after patch.
Getting nothing but major FPS spikes after today's patch and there's a new crash to desktop that happens now without any warning, in an map, at any time. It happens with any character, doesn't matter the skill/support being used.

We broke something (again)
and we dont know what (again)


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