3.10.1 Patch Notes


first of all the game is starting super fast now and so do the areas. However, sometimes the mobs are not visualized properly, so that I am getting killed by invisible things.

The new mist design is not something I enjoy, it´s so hard to see monsters now during Delirium, I never had those issues with the old system.

Mixed bag for me.
Adjusted the reward count pacing in story areas to behave similarly to that of Map areas. This does mean that some areas (such as Harbour Bridge) will no longer be overly rewarding.

Surely that means you will fix the favorite system which does not work... right?
cosey wrote:
"You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device" i was waiting for this so much. And why i have first character level 90 second level 82 and only
My only big complain.

I feel like my build is clearly pretty poorly but I have two characters, first one abandoned at level 70ish, second one nearly at level 92 and I have like 480 splinters by now.

You must be doing something wrong.
Just another beta-testing league. Could we have beta-tests before the official release day? How many times we all have to complain and express our lack of satisfaction due to a poor quality of GGG product?
This league had a great start... Currently it seems to lose 50% of players in just 2 weeks. This league is a similar disaster like Synthesis.
We have problems with a league mechanics and a game engine performance. But what developers are mainly focused? Well: the Heartseeker Armour Set, The Heartseeker Wings, Heartseeker Weapon, Portal and Character Effect, The Sawblade Bundle and the Illusionist Bundle, The Balefire Armour Set, Balefire Back Attachment, Balefire Portal Effect, Balefire Aura Effect, The Delirium Brimmed Hat and the Ghostflame Kinetic Bolt... MTX, MTX, and more MTX.
I really have less and less motivation to play PoE. Just nerfes and more complicated content which requires more time to play to achieve something. Even this rubbish new atlas is annoying to complete and I just cannot convince myself to do all maps again and again. And a bugs-festival on top. Just great.
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For the people who can't play the game at all anymore due to lag/fps drops/stuttering and stuff:

You can actually set certain sounds in your production_config file to false, this increases the performance a fk ton (sorry sound people, i love your work but the game issnt playable for me without this fix anymore).

For me the game went from unplayable to smooth af (never was necessary for me before this league), just make sure you keep your loot filter sounds active. There is a reddit thread as well as a youtube guide by CuteDog_ about this.

Edit: Great patch btw imo, love the visual improvements <3
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You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device.

amazing, thanks!
queued up for redemption :)
Still lots of frame time spikes and dropped frames when I encounter conqueror trash, especially Drox's trash.
Thought my mouse was dying on me, but realised the lag spikes made it appear that way. It feels like playing predictive in 2014. The league was running somewhat good prior to this patch. I know you will fix it promptly. These performance improvements tends to get the reverse effect pretty often. I'd hate to complain.
"Simulacrum Splinters now drop in stacks at the completion of a Delirium encounter."

5 days I run with magic find build, 50% quantity and a Bisco's Collar at 50% quantity on normal enemies.
Before patch I dropped between 15 to 30 Splinters per maps.
Today I ran 30 maps and the average was between 5 to 20 Splinters per maps.

I was wondering if now that splinters drop in stacks, do the splinters quantity got nerfed in general? Or magic find does not applies to Splinters anymore?
Or I just got unlucky on 30 maps in a row?
And if someone have detail on the 'splinters drop calculation' difference between before and after patch.

Ty for who take time to answer !
pre patch was kinda okay to play - post patch horrible performance


I do not have a single other game that makes problems. Stop asking for peoples DXDIAG data and fix your game.

I do not say "thank you" since those changes to the visuals should have been in the patch before you released the league. If you would have played it ONLY ONCE, you would have gotten the idea that you die randomly without knowing whats going on.

This is the 110% proof that GGG does not test things under realistic circumstances. You cannot be serious if you believe something else.
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