[3.10] Spellslinger Ball Lightning Arc Assassin

first attempt at simulacrum:

granted im lower lvl and can still stack more es, but I currently have 7800 es, all the block nodes, same flasks, endgame gear etc. I also have capped resist and even chaos resist

OP says he completed all endgame content and I'm dying in t7 maps and early waves of the simulacrum...am I missing something? I'm kiting like crazy, but even with the leech from flasks and tree, and the block heal, and steelskin I get spiked all over the place.

**ed: I was missing the ES on hit watcher's eye, that probably adds a ton of survivability
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nvm even with watcher's eye and over 8k es, survivability is total shit
Your profil is private, no way to help you
Your gear is pretty damn good with 375es shield, 224es gloves etc.

Do you use lethal pride with Kiloava giving you Glancing Blow big node?
I have much worse gear and still i can do T16 without dying. Maybe you should try use Energy Shield Leech gem instend of Added Lightning

How many ES do you have?
I have, with Discipline lvl 16 - 8.6k es and its really viable to play

I dont have watcher's at all
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yep is use kiloava. With the watcher, its definitely much better. It just irks me that i have 8000 es (couple of levels will have 9000) and I get rocked in content that my 5000 ehp golemancer never dies in.

I just need to get used to the ES mechanic again, single hits are much more dangerous than any kind of life build with even minimal armor. Might switch out sulphur flask for a damage reduction flask.

With my champion @ 5500 life, I can clear 100% delirium t16 maps with ease. Stinks that 9000 es with instant leech isn't anywhere near as durable
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i've done simulacrum deathless running 7500 es. not tried many 100% delirium tier 16s yet but the elder/shaper guardians at 100% were no problem
I guess its just my dps with no q gems yet.
kochiax wrote:
Have you considered any cluster jewels?

I tried using %lightning dmg large + small % energy shield but i was losing both ES and damage.
jsuslak313 wrote:
Herald of Ice over Lightning because of the explosions only?

Yes, it improves clear a lot.
jsuslak313 wrote:
nvm even with watcher's eye and over 8k es, survivability is total shit

Hard to say why, I was very tanky with kiloava+shield, even without watcher's eye.
jsuslak313 wrote:
I guess its just my dps with no q gems yet.

Level on your spells and added lightning damage provides a lot of damage.

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