[3.10] Spellslinger Ball Lightning Arc Assassin

Welcome to my guide (in progress)
In the past I really enjoyed playing a poet's pen arc/ball lightning build and this league, thanks to the spellslinger support, I could recreate that playstyle. My choice was to go low life as it allows to run auras on life as well as 3 spellslingers on mana. The build is very tanky due to capped block, recovery on block and energy shield on hit watcher's eye.
So far I've completed a lot of the available content including:
-Uber Atziri
-Uber Elder
-Sirius 8

My current goal is to delve a bit deeper and see how the build performs on 500+ depths.

The build is still a work in progress and I'm constantly changing things - if you have any suggestions or feedback I will be happy to read it.

Pro's and cons
+Good single target
+Capped block and ES recovery on block
+ES leech and gain on hit
+Can do all content (maybe except hall of grandmasters)
+Can do all map mods (no mana regen requires a gem swap or leech ring)
+Has cool explosions from herald of ice

-Pretty expensive
-Build is probably not fully optimised

Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Sould of Shakiri

Bandit: Alira

Ascendancy order: Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion -> Opportunistic -> Ambush and Assassinate

Gem links
Main damage links (6L):
Spellslinger - Ball lightning - (Awakened) Elemental focus - Slower projectiles - (Awakened) Added lightning damage - Inspiration
If you need more leech you can use Energy Leech instead of Added Lightning Damage in Ball Lightning links.

Clearing links (4L):
Spellslinger - Arc - Added lightning damage - Inspiration

Trigger links (4L):
Frenzy - Faster attacks - Greater multiple projectiles - Inspiration
Use a Faster Attacks gem, with level and quality, that brings you to the aps corresponding to your total cooldown recovery speed. If your aps is too high you will experience inconsistent spellslinger triggers and lose a large portion of DPS.
For no regen maps you can use Mana Leech instead of Greater Multiple Projectiles.

You probably won't need quality on frenzy and faster attacks until you reach 69% cooldown recovery speed.

Auras (4L):
Herald of Ice - Discipline - Enlighten - Blood magic
Enlighten lvl 2 is enough if you have Blood Magic level 20 and 14% reduced mana reserved on the skill tree.

Exposure setup (3L):
Wave of conviction - Spellslinger - Physical to lightning
Applies -25% lightning resistance to enemies and deals decent damage.

CWDT and movement (2L + 1L):
Im currently using CWDT lvl 8 and Steelskin lvl 12 due to lack of strength.
Cast when damage taken - Steelskin
Flame dash

Cooldown recovery speed:
Spellslinger level 20: 19%
Helmet enchant: 30%
Belt: 20%
Total: 69% which means we can do up to 3.37 aps

0% - 1.89 aps
6% - 2.02 aps
9% - 2.16 aps
17% - 2.33 aps
27% - 2.53 aps
38% - 2.75 aps
52% - 3.03 aps
69% - 3.37 aps

Reddit post

If you have less then try swapping your faster attacks gem for a lower level or quality one.
If you are using a different base than Imbued Wand it might be hard to reach the required aps

Imbued wand with high spell damage and flat added lightning. Critical strike chance for spells and global critical strike multipler are also really strong.
Other decent mods come from a crusader base: #% chance to Gain Arcane Surge when you deal a Critical Strike, #% increased Damage per Power Charge

If you don't have 69% cooldown recovery speed on your spellslingers you can use a lower attack speed base.
My current wand:

My previous wands:

Titanium spirit shield with
Recover #% of energy shield when you block
#% chance to block spell damage preferably T1 roll 10-12%
200+ ES
My current shield:

Due to T2 spell block roll my block on flask is 75/74

Body armour:


Divine Judgement or Tranquility if you have some extra money laying around.

One crusader ring with conductivity on hit and the second one with a 30+ dex roll and high resistances

Elemental weakness gloves with ES + res depending on which one you need

Shaper crystal belt with 20% cooldown recovery speed and strength

Sin trek or crafted rare boots


30% cooldown recovery speed enchant high ES and resists. If you can afford it a crusader helmet with Nearby Enemies have -9% to Lightning Resistance is a strong option

- brings the block chance to 75/75
- increased damage, bleed immunity, Bottled Faith could be used if you find bleed immunity somewhere else
- for quick map clear and anti freeze
- curse immunity makes mapping a lot more pleasant and the flask effect brings our crit chance near 100%
- extra damage, leech

Lethal Pride with Kiloava allows to get 75/75 block try to roll any useful mods on the notables as well such as #% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

Watcher's Eye with +# energy shield gained for each enemy hit while affected by discipline
The jewel adds a lot of survivability to the build. If you can't afford it you can try replacing it with Fenumus' Spinnerets and running aspect of the spider.

My current gear:

Leveling and budget:
Until level 24 use kinetic bolt.
Kinetic Bolt - Added Lightning Damage - Volley/LMP - Added Cold Damage/Elemental Damage with Attacks
Use Herald of Ice (Act 2 Reward)

After finishing Lost in Love in act 3, at level 24 grab 2 spellslingers and run arc/ball lightning
Ball Lightning - Elemental Focus - Spellslinger - Added Lightning Damage
Arc - Increased Critical Strikes - Spellslinger - Added Lightning Damage

Gear for leveling:
Storm Prison
Eclipse Solaris
Any rare wand with spell damage/added flat/crit for spells/crit multi

Seven-league Steps/Wanderlust

Path of Building pastebin contains leveling trees.

Running on a budget:

The absolute minimum for running this build are Shavronne's Wrappings and Presence of Chayula.
The next survivability upgrade would be Lethal Pride with Kiloava roll and a ES recovery on block shield.
Another big defence upgrade is an ES on hit watcher's eye which allows to facetank most of the content.

If you can't afford the watcher's eye you can try using Fenumus' Spinnerets and Aspect of the Spider for the ES on hit mod.

In terms on damage you should first get a pair of elemental weakness gloves. Next work on finding your helmet enchant, upgrading your wand an getting a conductivity on hit ring. The last big damage upgrade is a cooldown recovery belt.

Upgrade importance: Shav's + Presence -> Ele weakness gloves -> Kiloava + Shield -> Helmet enchant -> Watcher's Eye -> Conductivity ring -> Cooldown recovery belt -> Tranquility

Skilltrees in the PoB pastebin are more or less based on this upgrade order.



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Nice, I've been looking for a build like this since they nerfed poets pen...What did you use to level? and is this a "league start viable" build? Cheers and keep it up!
The build looks good, I just wouldn't know where to get started -- You plan on throwing in a leveling section at all?
IrJunk wrote:
Nice, I've been looking for a build like this since they nerfed poets pen...What did you use to level? and is this a "league start viable" build? Cheers and keep it up!

I started the league with a kinetic bolt build (which sucked af) and when I was able to afford shav's and presence of chayula I transitioned to the current build.

Overall, I wouldn't say this is a viable league starter as you need at least at least a Shav's and Presence for this build to work properly.

For leveling I used kinetic bolt on low levels (added lightning - volley/lmp - added cold - ele dmg with attakcs). At 24 you get spellslinger and you can level with ball lightning/arc setup or volatile dead.

kevin51287 wrote:
The build looks good, I just wouldn't know where to get started -- You plan on throwing in a leveling section at all?

I will try to prepare a leveling section today.
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That would be amazing! Something as simple as leveling trees in your POB would be beneficial to us newbs =/.

I'm excited to try this build out.
Added a short leveling section and leveling trees to the PoB pastebin
Are there any other spells we can do this with? Done arc/BL to death :(
Spora wrote:
Are there any other spells we can do this with? Done arc/BL to death :(

The ES gained on hit might get worse with these but VD/Desecrate or Frostbolt/Ice Nova should work as well. All damage nodes are spell/elemental damage or spell crit chance/multi, you would only need a different wand and curse ring.
Did spellslinger elementalist for quite a bit and I just hate how Golems keep dying to Delirium and other stuff.
Started leveling an Assassin and I think I want to try this build.
Good stuff!
Doesn't Inspiration not do anything in this setup? sorry noob question
jk getting the charges from frenzy guessing BL and Arc still get the crit from it
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