3.10.0e Patch Notes

i was just about to give up on this league and go back to playing warzone.. this is the worst experience of poe ive had since ive started. ive been 1 shotted in delirium more than all the other leagues ive played before and the fact that you have no idea how you die pissed myself and alot of my poe friends off. hopefully this patch will address the issues
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Nice changes. Now I will have to blame other stuff as I have the forth dead in a row in a map :)
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"fully tested" btw.

I will give a last chance for this league next week when you deploy the rewards changes meanwhile I'm having fun on another game.

bit of advice for people not enjoying the league play something else there's plenty of games right now and they want you to stay inside so don't feel forced to play a not so good league and wait until improvements happen.

edit: yes I see they throw it on this patch notes but usually it takes sometime for them to deploy patches for some reason this happened alot in the past before.
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What? Don't you enjoy closing your eyes and slamming t12 mod, exile?

Chapter: XXV.
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These rewards are just too much, but thanks. :)
Thanks guys, this sounds great. Appreciate the hard work.
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ty for so many fixes
when i see those numeric changes. i am sure everyone who actually thinks actively does know that there was little to no testing prior to release ^^.
So this is now just another "free loot" league... 0 challenge but better loot?

what's even the point in doing these "challenge" leagues when you just remove the challenge because of some crying kids.
never have i wanted to quit a league this early
> Fixed a bug where some Chests were not receiving rarity modifiers as intended, causing them to drop many low-rarity items.

Interesting, since when? Since 2012?

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