Path of Exile: Delirium Console Launch

In less than 24 hours Path of Exile: Delirium will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Today's news post outlines what to expect tomorrow.

The expansion will launch at Mar 18, 2020 3:00 PM (PDT). Downtime will begin for deployment at Mar 18, 2020 12:00 PM (PDT) (3 Hours prior to the expansion launch).

The additional time between our past Monday launches has allowed us to polish a number of issues and fix many client crashes discovered over the weekend, all of which should lead to a more stable experience. The version that Xbox One and PlayStation users will receive contains the updates which have gone out for PC users, version 3.10.0c.

Metamorph Supporter Packs will be replaced with the Delirium Packs alongside the deployment of the Delirium challenge league on Xbox One.

Core Supporter Packs are now available on PlayStation 4, we apologise for the delay in bringing these to the platform. Delirium Packs will go live on March 24, 2020 for PlayStation.

We'll be releasing the Thaumaturgy Mystery Box shortly after the launch of the Delirium challenge league for both Xbox One and PlayStation.

Here are the Xbox One and PS4 patch notes ahead of tomorrow's launch.

We can't wait to share this expansion with our Xbox One and PlayStation players, see you in Wraeclast, Exiles!
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Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
I understand that this is not the place necessarily, but is there any ETA whatsoever on the dual wield fix? I really do not like being forced to reapply my auras due to being forced to weapon swap after each instance load to regain my otherwise lost 40% dmg.
You're doing the Lord's work here, Jeff. Much obliged.
Am I missing something or there is really only Basilisk pack available?

Edit: Sorry, I posted too hastily. It took a while for the update option to show up.
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Good! If we have to suffer under a bad league so have they!
Players that care about console:

"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019

"It looks like we broke something with 3.10.0. We don't know what it is yet." - Bex, March 16th, 2020
LET'S GOOO!!! Hope this is gonna be smooth sailing for you gyus, Jeff, anyways i always appreciate you making yourself available/accessible on Discord etc. to keep us informed.
Not at all trying to convince anyone to look at it this way, you know your preferences best, but i personally always enjoy watching some PC streamers starting, getting first impressions, build hype and then start with additional info. It's not ideal, but funny how well it works out for me. If it benefits stability, even better.

11pm CET/GMT+1 for my EU roni quarantine friends. Welcome distraction.

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