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Path of Exile: Delirium

A mysterious affliction has infiltrated your mind. As you touch the Mirror of Delirium, reality turns to mist and your worst nightmares emerge before your eyes.

Our March expansion contains the Delirium challenge league, the new Cluster Jewel system, new skills and support gems, powerful new items and further improvements to the Atlas endgame.

Defeat the Nightmare

As the mists of Delirium consume you, new enemies emerge and existing foes gain savage talents. Delirium introduces dozens of lethal monster modifiers, many new bosses, and horrifying demons lurking within rare and unique monsters.

Plunge into the Horror

As you travel deeper into the Delirium, you'll experience more numerous and challenging enemies with greater rewards. Will you let greed and hubris draw you into the madness?

Terror Permeates Wraeclast

Nowhere is safe. Encounters you once mastered can now be played under the effects of Delirium, substantially ramping up their difficulty and rewards. If you're daring, you can exploit Delirium to amplify past conflicts.

Orbs of Delirium

Orbs of Delirium can be applied to endgame maps to control how intense your Delirium is. Under the influence of an Orb, you are immediately plunged into Delirium for the entire duration of that map. A single Orb creates a challenging encounter, but up to five can be applied to a map for ultimate difficulty and rewards.

Orbs of Delirium

Search the deepest reaches of your Delirium for Splinters and combine them to create The Simulacrum. Enter its portal and try to survive the ultimate endgame Delirium challenge.

Expand Your Path

Extend your passive skill tree by placing a Cluster Jewel in one of its outermost sockets. With craftable mods that improve the passives generated, add one of 280 new notables, or even graft additional sockets for deeper nesting, Cluster Jewels let you grow your own passive tree.

Dropping from any monster in the Delirium League, these new Jewels are one of the most significant improvements to build customisation since the introduction of Ascendancy Classes.

Endgame Improvements

Conquerors of the Atlas revitalised Path of Exile's endgame experience. In Delirium, we have made Conqueror spawning deterministic, reintroduced Sextant vendor recipes, created extra incentives to reach higher Awakening levels, revamped Vaal side areas in maps, improved the Temple of Atzoatl, and more.

New Skill and Support Gems

Delirium introduces four new Skill Gems and three new Support Gems. In classic Path of Exile style, we've focused on versatile designs that can complement many styles of gameplay.

Powerful New Items

In addition to the new Currency Items, Cluster Jewels, Gems and Endgame Simulacrum Maps, Path of Exile: Delirium introduces many new Divination Cards and Unique Items that provide new character build opportunities.

Delirium Supporter Packs

Alongside Path of Exile: Delirium, we're also launching two sets of Supporter Packs - the Darkseer and Fateweaver Packs. There are two price points available for each and they each contain points, Armour sets and other cosmetic microtransactions!

Path of Exile: Delirium will launch on March 13 (PST) on PC and the following week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.