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Josh21112 wrote:

3)Fog... You actually come in here and say that there is a decent abilit to see with black vs white gradients. Just can only say troll.

Happy there are your responses, even though they have been said 1000 times by other people

That was a response? Me pointing out an actual technical aspect which is used by opposiing gradients, that any first year graphic artists can understand, and you just saying its a troll statment because I see enemies fine? :P

Yeah, thanks for proving my point. Again, many thanks. To you too, and all of you, you are proving my point over and over again and doing my work for me.

1000 times by the whining 5% that are not playing the game and in here complaining every league. That is your game, saying something 1000 times from the same people till it changes. So I counter as such by saying the opposite a thousand times as those not in here are 90% of the time simply enjoying the game..

Keep going, I love how you do my work for me.
Learn how the human eyes work. Than come back
What is you and work. this is work to you? hahah.. Also funny you could not rebutal the other 2 points I make, you just completely shut that out. Like you trolls love to do.
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I was really looking forward to this league and right now i am just super frustrated! Yes you are one of the good Developers who listen to the Community but please hurry with the fixes because i get frustated more by not knowing if that voidzone is going to kill me or not and in the next moment get instagibed by it. But the worst part is the performance. As soon as is start the new mechanic everything goes down the drains and my PC is acutally quite good. Like is said,.. its frustrating so pleeeease hurry befor i reach my to much pissed of level and quit the leauge i bet i am not the only one.

Hazard, I have to second that argument about majority of players either complaining or skipping this mechanic. Almost every player I know does this. And majority of them are 5+ year veterans, I'm talking really good players and almost all the guildies I know of 60 ppl. I know its like an anecdote using this as evidence, but the pattern is undeniable.
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Personally I dont understand why all mob packs have to have on death effects. Why couldn't they take the corrupted blood approach? A mod for certain packs, that makes you pay attention, rather than punishing you 100% of the time unless you literally never stop movement an dont get close.
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i hope they get to fix the performance issue they mentioned real soon.
i can't push anything at all everything performs worse than usual.
i have to stick to basic easy content and even then it can get sketchy ;)

its very bad on my system compared to any other leagues where i had a smooth experience.

how long am i expected to "wait it out" ?
is this a 1 week issue or a 1 month issue? should i just come back next league?

need an ETA
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Fog mob doing more damage than special bosses. 1 Shot coming at some moment. sometimes it's just a small mob blocking the way then giving 1 fatal slap, sometimes an unexpected smash in the middle of FPS drop, and also sometimes seems it's some kind of explosion, still not sure.
Almost totally unexpected.
Jesus Fix it quick.

There's this rush design issue too; many players aren't playing like that you know GgG ? They are picking up things, stopping, then i have to come back on my steps to grab items on the floor, OR lose a part of the reward.
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Bex_GGG wrote:


Monster On-Death Effects
Currently, there's a random chance for individual Delirium monsters to have mods that cause On-Death effects. We are internally experimenting with moving these to be pack-based (so that there's more variance in when you encounter them), rebalancing them around this, and improving how they are signalled.

For those interested in why we use On-Death effects in content like this, it's because they are a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players, and they aren't trivialised by clear-speed. Few to no other mods we can put on these monsters make any difference normally because they are eradicated by powerful builds in seconds. We're going to be toning these down, either way.



-> Monster Damage: Nerfing on a case by case basis, adjusting on-death effects and improving visuals.
-> Rewards: Monsters deeper in the mist will count more for progress on the encounter reward bar.
-> On-hit Debuffs: Substantially reduced duration.
-> On-death effects: Investigating pack-based mods instead of individual, balancing to be in line with this. Improving telegraphing.
-> Past Content in Delirium: Adding time to the Delirium encounter when interacting with these past encounters.
-> Item Drop Vacuuming: No, sorry!
-> Depth Meter: Investigating a way to do this.
-> Performance: Yes, is being investigated but we're not sure yet what is causing the recent regression.
-> Visibility: Yes, we're working on improving this.
-> Make End Delirium Button Bindable: Yes!


On Death effects:

You should rework them in general.

Instead of instant + instant hardly visible ground effects you maybe should go the debuff approach (like corrupted blood) so players are rewarded reacting to dot/debuff damage when having a good flask or gear setup to counter it. Or even logout if setup not ready yet.

In both cases there would be a choice + time how to react, contrary to instant effects.

Damage nerf:

Expected. You explained that you rather make them initially too hard so players dont get upset if it was the other way round.

Item vacuuming:

It is not full item vacuuming like D3 autoloot for gold but about how you condense down items into one place like Delve or Incursion.

That technology already exists and large Delve paths have the same amount of items dropped at the end node, because mob count is similar.

You still have to manually pickup every item from the ground but the difference is you have less backtracking.


That one has a longer history and it really started when you released act 4 and the Malachai fight with a lot of ground effects spam.

Every new (past A4 + Warband league) boss or newly introduced trash monsters now lay some sort of shit on the ground which stacks with other effects from other league mechanics.

That looks and plays awful and not clean enough.

You can even hardly see your mouse pointer if effects ramp up, which is telling.

The pinnacle of these accumulations of ground clutter are Metamorph and now Delirium.

Yeah i get it.
Each league has some sort of unique color palettes attached to it.
But you made literally every monster effect of Metamorp black.

Which stacked with its own spawn mechanic and certain tile sets.
Readability is still really bad.

The same goes for current 3.10 league.
Grey fog which stacks with grey monsters effects, which themself stack with black Metamorph on black map tile sets.

An idea:
Use more clean distinctive colors and make maybe the monster effects more transparent so you can distinguish them from your own effects (including mtx).
Or go the other way round and introduce a grahics option where we can adjust the transparency level of skill + MTX effects.

edit:fixed some typos + formatting

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Faster with mandatory & necessary changes this time around compared to previous leagues.

Progress noted and appreciated.

Even faster would be even more awesome though so .. way to improve ladies & gentlemen!
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