How the Delirium Launch Went

Dont mind difficulty. Feel my self like a monkey on steroids when enter the mirror.

But rewards... srsly

Not worth the effort.
I was always told how the devs of PoE listen to the community and holds their hand.. After trying Delirium I can't wait to see how exactly you will fix this pretty trash season with bugs, server issues, stupid Delirium debuffs,trash rewards, fps drops and more..
No... just no.

"We've been closely monitoring feedback about Delirium." No. Hard to believe. You always get a feedback for a league, SOMETIMES actually listen to it, you care for the league after the launch for a month or so (because fuck testing and league start) and then you usually have to months to... depr yourself up and return to full-retard mode.

I like your game and I used to like that you somewhat/sometimes tried to be in touch with the comunity, but once again, another league starts and it's... no.

As always, your graphic designers did amazing job. Are they hopeful graduates or a full-time idiots?
Legion - visuals caused crashes when interacting with Timeless Monolith
Metamorph - well, that was a joke
Blight - terrible performance drops during the encounter, but hey, you fixed that with the release of new league. Because clearly, it wasn't needed during its own league...

And now, the best one yet. Seriously, I believe that you were utterly stoned... completely baked... HAF. Most of the problems could have been avoided if you used common sense.

And now for a little "behind the scenes" on GGG development:

It is a beautiful morning in the GGG office, one month after the release of Metamorph league.
“Freezes?” asked the lead developer.
“Check,” replied graphic designer.
“League related FPS drops?”
“More freezes?”
“Good job on your part, keep up the good work!” the lead developer threw in a little smile along his compliment and satisfied, went to check on another department. The community department.
“Good morning my most favourite department. So, what do you have here?” asked the lead developer.
“We did the usual. Made some posts about feedback, how we desire it and how we actually read it. Then we read some posts-” explained the community department member, but was interrupted by a question from the lead developer.
“How many?” he asked.
“Well, there were around twenty pages of comments and feedback and we read… three,” replied the CDM.
Three pages?!” shouted the lead developer in horror.
“No! No, only three comments, not pages.”
“Ah,” said the lead developer, relieved. “Then it’s all right. So, what feedback did we get?”
“I have no idea,” said the CDM, “but I can tell you about the comments. First was, as expected, “pog”. Second post was a person saying “first”, but edited it to “first-ish”. And the last- of those we read- was “kappa”. We picked the last one on random page to have more diverse feedback.
“Well done mates, keep up the good work and remember: we care!”

The day was going more than adequately. With unnecessary performance hindrances still present and CD’s pretended interest in the community, there was only one more stop the lead developer had to make. The Game Balance Team, or as they called themselves, Le Game Balance Team.
“And good morning to you as well, how is it going here?”
“Morning boss. All quiet on our end. Game is going as planned. One shots are still present, the amount of reward players get for what they choose is adequate-”
“Choose?! You let players choose?! Alright, whose idea was that?” shouted outraged lead developer. “This is unacceptable! Scrap that crap and implement more RNG! That’s why we have it! To use it, god dammit! I need a break. We all need a break. Conference room, ten minutes. Everyone!” barked the lead developer and left the room.

An hour later after the outrage, this time in the conference room:
The meeting in the conference room was still underway. Or rather, under-fog?
“Maaan, I can’t even see the other half of the room from here,” said one of the developers and hit the blunt.
“Hey, pass it!” said a neighbouring developer.
The first one looked at him with his red eyes and with a smile blew the smoke in his face. “No,” he stated and hit it again.
“Hey, guys, guys, guys! I have a totally awesome, super hit idea for the next league! Paper! I need paper!”
“Give him some paper!”
Panic began and spread like the smoke throughout the room and only stopped, after finally a piece of paper was found.
“Alright, so… the next league… everything will get covered… in smoke!” said the developer and laughed.
“Yes! And, there will be like, you know-” the developer wanted to say something, but froze in the middle of his sentence.
“Brilliant! Random freezes! Put that down, put that down! Man, all this thinking made me hungry, someone order tacos.”
“Hungry! Yes!” shouted the developer with the paper. “You will also get a hungry debuff and it will slow you and it will be stacking and it will also slow you.”
“Yes, yes, put that down! How will you get that debuff?”
“How did you get hungry?”
“I don’t know, it just happened.”
“Brilliant! It will just happen. Guys, I think we are on a verge of a breakthrough. But seriously, someone order some tacos.”
“I don’t have cash,” said one of the developers.
“Yes! Yes, brilliant! Almost NO rewards! And if you somehow manage to get a reward it will be…” the developer thought for a while, when he finally caught a glimpse of his wedding ring. “Jewellery! Yes!”
“And clothes! Clothes for the poor!” shouted another developer and lost himself in the laughter, rolling on his chair. Eventually, he fell over. “Guys, guys, guys. I fell,” he said and again laughed. “No, don’t laugh! I almost diededed! Not cool,” he said and laughed yet again.
“Yes, brilliant! Random one shots! We haven’t used them in… what, three months? Surely players miss them. And we will have more of them!”
“One!” shouted a developer lost in the fog.
The writing developer hit the table with his hand, “that’s not good enough!” he shouted.
Again, he hit the table with his hand, “that’s not good enough!”
The writing developer was about to bring his hand on the table once again, yet stopped. “Yes, five times as much. That will do. Hopefully.”
“I think we’ve done enough work for today and deserve a break… for the rest of the day,” said the lead developer. “And someone order that tacos!”


Other than that, congrats on the record of players. Delirium league looks like it could be fun and has some potential, but seriously… I mean, seriously…

Also, don’t take the story too seriously, it’s meant to be a satire. And don’t do drugs.

Well, I guess I will return in a month. Stay foggy.
Osarna wrote:
You say you are listening to feedback but you clearly are not.

Time and time again we have raised the issue of visual clutter, one shots, exploding corpses and visuals that kill out FPS yet EVERY league you continue to disregard our issues and implement them.

How about you actually address why you keep putting these things in every league and totally disregarding our feedback?

pretty much sums it up
Before you (GGG) get too hyped about hitting a record number of players, consider that this was due to coronavirus causing shutdowns of entire countries, sending thousands upon thousands of workers and public employees home to do .. nothing.
So, apparently, Delve nodes *CAN* have two paths, even though the way you're supposed to locate a fractured wall is based on nodes *NEVER* having two paths. I guess this was too hard a problem to solve??
League is fun. However, it's also frustrating. One-shot burst damage from imperceptible mechanics. Literally. Sometimes even from off-screen. This league I have been left staring at the resurrect screen more times in two days than I would normally die over the course of an entire league. And these deaths are all WTF happened. Having said this, yes, I have had deaths due to my own stupidity... ex. open a freeze strongbox and having no heat flask... ex. fighting a lighting damage "boss" and having 8% lighting resistance... ex. opening first encountered breach in delirium knowing full well it would be a swift death (was insane... lol). But anyhow, I don't know anyone plays this league in hardcore, barring skipping the delirium mechanic.

lol bs that ggg say. ddos attacks xD on a free game. there was no such things. there was just lot of people clicking to get in game or clicking on tp.
i have done that. im still doingit. somtimes i get kicked out of game with message too many actions :D
"Relatively smoothly"

Relative to what? To Fallout 76 or Anthem's launch? Sure then: it went relatively smooth when compared to other atrocious launches,
Osarna wrote:
You say you are listening to feedback but you clearly are not.

Time and time again we have raised the issue of visual clutter, one shots, exploding corpses and visuals that kill out FPS yet EVERY league you continue to disregard our issues and implement them.

How about you actually address why you keep putting these things in every league and totally disregarding our feedback?

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