[3.10] Aziire's Kinetic Bolt Elementalist - Thor and the Golem Gang! | League Starter

I have been really surprised at how few KBolt builds have been put up so far, I was really excited to play with it. Thank god you posted one, AND ON MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER/ASCENDANCY! Read through your replies and saw comments about spellslinger which I also want to try out. Would love a detailed leveling guide if you ever have the time/for later leagues.
You're welcome!

Worst case scenario it doesn't play as well as we hope and we can roll a new character for the next weekend. It is looking promising though so hopefully no problems come our way :D


It was a pretty awkward skill to plan for, and it wasn't super clear how the skill was going to scale. At first I thought it was a spell lmao, and then I thought it might have a Lightning Tag. Once we got all the information though I could go to town.

I'm always down to make content for people I just never know how people want to consume it. How detailed etc, video / write up. Lemme know what your ideal Levelling guide has and I'll put some time aside and make one when I get the time.
Hi great build guide !

I'm planning to start with this build but i could use some tips how to level from L1 wich gems jewels etc !
my ing is killwitches
I'm kinda torn between this one and good, old cyclone impale slayer. I hadn't played cyclone after rework, only coc version so it also would be fresh for me, although I better like idea of this build, but I've started metamorph as a "buffed" archer and struggled a lot, like a lot with early game damage and it kinda pushed me out from starting league with new things. Although those numbers on skill lookin juicy as hell, and it won't be meta probably since most people will still go miners. Need to think about this one, also seems like delirium is centered more around clear speed, which i believe this build would suit better for than cyc slayer. Tho i remember buffed bosses and i'm kinda worried about survi on this one. Decisions, decisions :C. You did a good job with writing around something, that You couldn't check IG yet, gj!
Oh nice. Was hoping someone would theory craft around this skill. Very interested in trying this skill as well. Hopefully it isn't complete dog shit. At very least it should be fun to try something new.

Thanks for taking the time to write all that.
Great Idea!
What about spellslinger + Assassin`s Mark / Ele Weakness /Projectile Weakness?
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Thanks for the build guide dude. Looks pretty good to me. I was going to have a crack at a rough pob for it, but this is much better than I was ever going to manage. The gem having no base damage kind of threw me a little, but I'm still gonna roll this toon and see how she does. If it bricks, ah well, I guess I just roll something else. Cheers mate.
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I think the pool life is very low. Also you could use a jewel to pick up phase acrobatics only instead of acrobatics + phase acrobatics to gain more energy shield.
looks nice but...
all items shaped -> eternity shroud -> league starter ?

yo, kinetic bolt's "150% of increased spell damage added as increased attack damage" isn't added as local, so wouldn't you want your wand to be flat lightning, attack speed and crit chance?

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