Content Update 3.10.0 -- Path of Exile: Delirium

This kinda sucks for casual players like me who have taken a long time to build a decent build like mana guardian. Also just built a baron necro, my venom gyre assassin took the lightest nerf. Instead of making less builds end game viable(be reasonable) why not make more end game viable builds available with methods of expanding abilities like what your doing with some of the skills this ladder and previous(poison builds)? It was cheaper for me to get the gear for a mana guardian than anything else and now any one else thinking of getting a similar build is screwed. With the lag on console and rubber banding back into a one shot sometimes on a beefy build is frustrating enough but now will happen more. Thanks ggg. I am excited about the new skills at least.
Chill out, mana guardian and baron will still be good, not gonna be stupid op, but still top tier
Love whoever wrote the bug fix section.
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TheQoogle wrote:
Clownturds wrote:

Where is this fantasy world you speak of where necros that could roflstomp content are built cheaply?

Asking cuz I want to know the secrets of this mythical content crushing thrift build you speak of.

Or is your math also mythical and somehow ignoring the cost of gems and jewels. Assuming that (meaning excluding gem and jewel costs), I can see the build being cheapish, if 50-60ex is cheap to you.

I played a Zombiemancer this league, that had ~50ex investment on the top end, absolutely stomping everything. I also later played some melee with similar investment. The melee had about 1/4 of the dmg and about 1/3 of the survivability of my summoner. It would have been easy to reach the dmg of that 50ex melee char that was clearing all content pretty great, with 5-10ex investment on a summoner, while getting way more defense, basically just by accident.

Soooo what you're saying is... your 50ex summoner was what you actually made and the 5-10ex mythical summoner you mentioned after didn't exist and didn't happen?

And no, you wouldn't have been clearing any endgame content with 10ex investment in a summoner. The assertion is laughable and nothing more that blatant lies from a squawking group of people that are mad (for what reason I still can't understand) because people opted to go for a build they wanted to play in what is basically a single player game.

Meanwhile, miners have consistently been dominating content (and have been for at least 7 or more leagues in a row), but for some weird reason I never hated them or wanted them nerfed.

What is it with you angry mob of people frothing at the mouth because other folks are enjoying the game the way they want to?

And the nerfs weren't even close to what previous nerfs for other skills have been. They specifically targeted all aspects of the build and destroyed it as best they could.

They (GGG) went overboard (as they have repeatedly done in the past), and claiming they didn't or claiming the endgame stomping versions of the build were cheap are both lazy conjectures.
IGN: @Azuriyl or @Bephany
MasterGuil wrote:
Clownturds wrote:
MasterGuil wrote:

10 in Metamorph! =8¬)-

I am not here to blast anyone anyway but I find it unfair to judge somebody by a number that represent nothing.

Me thinks you don't know what hypocrisy means. That little number represents something, specifically challenges completed. Someone who can barely do them has no place to comment on how challenging the game is PERIOD. I mean, unless you're going for BiS top tier hypocrisy...

1- I think you have some problem to read what I wrote even if I bolded it. The other guy was at 8 and I was at 10 in metamorph. It doesn't mean that the highest number we ever reached. You just suppose without analysing. Also, you don't have to be lvl 100 with 40 challenges completed to touch endgame.

2- I know the meaning of hypocrisy. What I don't like is you manipulate your vision of the game to try to make us look like hypocrites.

The game is NOT only about Killing uber elder and Sirus. We have all rights to give our opinion about ALL the aspects of the game. I maybe don't know how it is to fight Sirus but if it is like the other Conquerors I killed, you just need to learn the attack patterns and get good at dodging (not including homing insta-kill attacks). All the normal, magic and rare monsters do need a HP buff. It is not normal to insta-kill every single mob.

You clearly don't know what is a hard game at all. I would suggest you to take a break from PoE and try other games.

3- The little number represent nothing valuable. I mean, I am happy for you than you were able to achieve the 40/40, it need a lot of focus and self-dedication. Other than that, the number represent nothing.

Try to go for a job interview and tell them they should hired you because you achieved 40/40 in PoE or try to flirt a girl in a bar with the same line.

Point is : Get down your little pony, this is only a freaking game and nobody give a sh** about your 40/40 outside of here.

Thank you and have a nice day!

You two jokers didn't even manage half of the challenges combined.

So, please just stfu with your 10 challenges and your limp noodle tryhard hypocritical demands for the game to be more "challenging".

IGN: @Azuriyl or @Bephany
I actually hate some of these gem changes, i get minions were considered OP, but you've pretty much just nerfed them into the ground...
Ygidua wrote:
Rekill wrote:
Get rekt cheap ass summoners. I played summoner for a few leagues now. And its absolutely disgusting how cheap and powerful they are. Ik hope you will nerf them more in the future.

Interesting that you still only managed 24? Wasn´t the summoner as strong as you claim here?

1: i dont care about challenges.
2: i am a filthy casual and still rekt everything with a very shit geared necro.
3: i have other things to do besides Poe.
as someone who only played 6days of game b4 season ended I enjoyed necro/summons build (idk it was OP and only got to my 50's).

Sucks it is nerfed (and from what i see by a massive amount)and i am now questioning if i wanna try it again in next season.

Hopefully I will find something else to enjoy.
The nerf to shaper's touch bothers me the most out of anything. Punish any build that uses them because of two builds that are already getting nerfed directly...

It was just a few leagues ago tombfist was a decently nice find. Not only did they take away the attack speed, but good luck finding a lich.
Yep, totally over league play.
as if fossil crafting wasn't a trap enough, see y'all in PoE2

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