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what is mutually exclusive ?
some pretty pure stupid minion nerfs here.. rip diversity, guess we all just play what GGG wants us to play gt the league. morons make a great game but can't balance worth a sh*t..
patch of shitpies
destrock wrote:
what is mutually exclusive ?
It means you can't have more than one of the mod on any one item. You can still have the mod on different items.
cena6665 wrote:
some pretty pure stupid minion nerfs here.. rip diversity, guess we all just play what GGG wants us to play gt the league. morons make a great game but can't balance worth a sh*t..

GGG knows better than you what build you need and what build you enjoy. Freedom and diversity are not welcome. :)
Diversity was killed when GGG introduced ascendancies. At this moment it is very easy to set meta builds every league and this also prevents people to play crazy builds like minion Marauders, bow Templars, mage Duellists etc (in theory you still can, but that will suck because ascendancies passives will not fit). Diversity and builds flexibility were great advantages of old POE (before version 2.2.0).
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Fixed a bug which caused skills with damaging effects that were disconnected from the initial skill use (such as Molten Strike, Fire Storm, Wild Strike, and a number of others) which were supported by effects that triggered multiple successive uses of the skill (Multistrike, Greater Spell Echo and Unleash) to not apply the support gem's damage penalty or enhancement to those delayed effects, or even to the successive skill uses. This resulted in less damage being dealt by several skills when supported by Multistrike than they were intended to deal, and more damage by skills supported by Greater Spell Echo and Unleash

I'm not sure how this actually applies to Greater Spell Echo--GSE doesn't have a damage penalty, so how could there have been a bug where it was doing more damage than intended?
I've been playing since the closed beta, and I have to agree with an earlier post. Come up with new things and dont nerf things because someone found a way to beat your game by holding down a button.

I mean look how many builds that used to be a blast to play, are now completely unplayable.

The point of this game was to pretty much come up with thousands of builds using all the skills in the game, then stick with what worked.

Tossing out nerfs every league caused people to only play certain builds. Then they get nerfed, and people find the new popular build and play that. See the cycle?

You have tons of skills in this game that no one (NO ONE) even uses past level 8. Why would they? You can Freezing Pulse your way to end game. What about skills like Cleave, Lancing Steel, Lightning Tendrils, etc.? There are skills that are in desperate need of buffing.

Perhaps for next league, maybe considering buff skills that you already have, or add new ones, and leave popular skills alone, i.e. dont buff them.
Neferpitou12 wrote:
Ratedetar wrote:
Other than the new shit you're introducing, these patch notes are just a bunch of nerfs. Where's the fun in that? Kind of brings down the hype for what was supposed to be a fun league.

Seriously, what's the fun in actually having to play the game, engage with the content, and semi attempt to min max gear to clear the hardest content instead of choosing "the" build and mindlessly facerolling everything.

Here comes 'Ol' Covered Wagon Guy'. "A car is just a fancy machine! There's no fun unless you're dying of dysentery on the dirt trails! What y'all need is a covered wagon!".

No bozo, the game isn't 'difficult' or 'easy' with any build, it just gets faster or more fun. That's how this genre works. You aren't playing LoL, and you aren't the next Faker. Hack n slash, dungeon crawler, arpg...the whole point is to become a god and grind loot. "Difficult" is surviving the grind long enough to find that 141 Shako to replace your 140, not getting shit stomped top lane and blaming your jg until your head explodes.

You're conditioned into thinking that slow and inferior is good, and that a game isn't fun unless you're pissed off and yelling profanities at your monitor. Nerfs are your messiah, "because difficult durrrr".

Who wants to grind for the same loot that they were finding last season, but at half the speed? Why do all these kids cheer summoner and EA nerfs in a primarily solo player game, like the skills are actually people who they have to lane against?
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lightwayvez wrote:
Still holding out for a skill gem stash.....

So true..
Stay awhile... and listen.
with the modifier for melee/unarmed range change why not add to character sheet readout of actual melee range

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