Changes to Spectres and Movement Skills in Path of Exile: Delirium

so we need an additional 2 link to level up with that not so aswome support for movement speed?
or just dont care about it ant stay with 1 socket needed flame dash?
hmm what to chooose ..
If you happen to find a monster that you'd like to see as a spectre but isn't currently supported, please let us know!

I always wanted to use Vakali Totem as a spectre. The french fansite
Oh man.. those shield bangers from legion :o
Can you plz lower the sound of all spectres? Some of them have a very loud combat and/or idle sound that is so loud you can't hear anything else

something like:

if monster is spectre
then {
CombatSound = -75%
IdleSound = -75%


P.S. do not c+p this code :P
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Please either increase the cast speed of Raise Spectres, or give Soul's Wick a cast speed improvement to Raise Spectres. Really wanted to try a build with temporary spectres but really not well supported against raising random enemies, as it basically results in the exact same issues as the old Dominating Blow, not all enemies being supported by the gems, forcing players to only use minion related gems for the most part (better now with frenzy and deathmark, but still limiting)
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Actually hyped for something wow.
Good stuff
Isn't there some monsters in ACT 5 that don't spawn anymore after you killed Innocence? (The areas changed afterward).
I suspect I'll still end up using (non-max level) Flame Dash tbh...

I'll level Dash + Second Wind in a second slot, but unless the end travel distance is substantially longer I doubt the slight cooldown advantage is worth using 2 gem sockets. Plus the CDR difference is largely ameliorated by FD having 2 more charges natively...

If I was using 2 gem sockets then I suspect flame dash + either smoke mine or blink arrow would be a more useful pairing anyway.

Thanks to the second row of ability buttons two movement skills is definitely a thing (imo).
This open the possibility to use Soul's Wick, just like John Wick but it's Soul's instead.

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