Changes to Spectres and Movement Skills in Path of Exile: Delirium

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Frostblink now deals damage and places chilled ground at both the start and end of the movement, and counts enemies at both areas to reduce its cooldown. This makes it great for both moving into and out of a fight. It also travels further than before, and gains travel distance as it levels. It can't be supported by Second Wind because it is instant. To compensate for this, it has received more improvements than other skills mentioned here.

Does that means that the skill travel an exact distance that is boosted by level or are we gonna be able to choose the distance we travel within the range of frostblink?

Because I find it to be an issue if I have to walk back to recast Frostblink on the same mob/boss while it would not be by not leveling the gem... wich I find weird and not rewarding at all.
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Any chance chain hook crashing instances is gonna get fixed?
Thank the gods. I thought they were going to nerf spectres or something when I read the title.
Bex_GGG wrote:
you can have a very mobile bow-based character.

I can only get so erect
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zana beyond please
Second wind and increases in travel distance for dash and frostblink sound very nice! Thanks for all your good work GGG!

Also, never been a minion guy, but I'm glad the specter build peeps get some love!
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Abyss Specters meme build next :p
ok ok Cool :)
hope melee spectre got some loving too.
Oh yea. I love dash!
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