Changes to Spectres and Movement Skills in Path of Exile: Delirium

oh now, im scared. dont rip my spectre plan pls

E: ok that sounds fairly nice :)
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can't wait
Good additions, pls don't ignore the Horizon Orb bug and the missing map rewards from Delve/Temple
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thanks wifi hiccups, how did i post the above 3 times? lol
We get to go faster!!!!!
Mentioning spectres in the headline almost gave me a heart attack but it's actually good news lol..

Edit: Please let Second Wind work with spectres >:3
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We've gone through these monsters to make the appropriate AI and skill mechanic changes to ensure that they're able to still use their skills as spectres. Outside of these small improvements they remain relatively unchanged from their delightfully monstrous states.

Does this mean summoners can now summon as spectres?
Those spectre changes sound nice!
But I would like to have my minions in a second bar below the buff/denuff bar. And especially specters should be able to be shown seperatly...

But this is one of the few changes that got me hyped for a minio build this time....
Hmm I do like me some unusual Spectres.
Bex_GGG wrote:
Lightning Warp has had its cast time lowered and has a higher value of reduced Skill Effect Duration than before. This makes it easier to invest in but still requires more character investment than other movement skills as a trade-off for having no cooldown.

I have always wanted to use LW, maybe finally this might be the league to do so.
Still going to need a 3L to make it work I would guess.
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