Changes to Spectres and Movement Skills in Path of Exile: Delirium

Here's hoping it won't double-cast with Second Wind as it often does with current Flame Dash
Movement skill changes seem like a good start, but probably need some more to make them as pleasant as flame dash (or leap slam).

That being said; you realize adding those spectres with unchanges damage is going to be ... well you are aware of those legion aoe barrage rares that oneshot everything on screen in like 1 second right? Or those blight archers with overlapping rain of arrows? Or those synthesised whatever the fuck they are, that hit like a truck. I'm sure you are, and i hope regardless that you don't change your mind just to see what happens.
Rexeos wrote:
Exile009 wrote:

You seem to have misunderstood. They haven't lowered the cast speed, but the cast time. That means it now takes less time to cast aka this is effectively an increase in its base cast speed. Fyi, Lightning Warp has a base cast time of 0.8, Flame Dash 0.7. Ever noticed why Flame Dash seems more responsive? Yeah, that's why. By lowering Lightning Warps' cast time, they're making it quicker (to cast, travel time is a different matter, which is where the higher amount of reduced skill effect duration change comes in to speed that up too).


You are right! Thx a ton for showing me! Really appreciate that.


Also , the "Salutations exile" was because of this:
EH RAT Chieftain guide :
Thanks for movement skill changes, sounds interesting and promising!

p.s. please nerf minions to the ground :) :) :)
Please look into making summons less
visible for other players due to extreme
clutter on screen with everything else

Sound of spectres are too loud and please look into the damage output, it's too high

Thanks GGG for the best game!
the most important improvement to movement skills is missing tho
fix the constant desync that happens when using basically any movement skill or skills like cyclone before u want to "improve" any spells, if i get 4 dashes now and desync on 2 of them there is no improvement
You GGG could put an option to make the minions less visible, both ours and those of the allies, there are certain types of content that it is impossible to see the fights, this I believe to be extremely detrimental both for the performance and for the immersion with the battle with the bosses, think about it.
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350 new spectres !!! I've to say I will never have the time to experiment all of those ^^
Anyway, that's great news and I can't wait to see people making build with crazy spectres !!

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Hype for new spectres!

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