[3.12 UPDATED] - Bergerbrush's Impale Cyclone Champion - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

The guide is awesome thank you for making it. I have created my first SSF character and I am getting close to level 40 and have decided to use this build. I can't decide between Slayer and Champion...

Slayer looks more fun due to giant AOE on cyclone, but I think Champion will be much more survivable especially with SSF gear.

Choices, choices...
Do you get both benefits from mark of the elder ring if your other ring has both elder/shaper influence on it??

I have a question, I did this build with only a few difference at clusters, nothing big, just by preference, and I changed for slayer mode. But i am having a hard time with sirus, anyway, you guys can give me some tip? or sirus is one of the bosses that we cannot facetank?
is the impale stack limit at 9 or can we reach 11 ?
AMACK wrote:
is the impale stack limit at 9 or can we reach 11 ?

Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

But yeah, I think 11 is fine. There is nothing in the wiki to suggest otherwise – probably just a quirk of the current version of POB.
BopMajster wrote:
Econiko wrote:
BopMajster wrote:
can someone explain me, how exactly abyssus increased physical damage taken works?
if we would have 130 physical dmg reduction and we put abyssus on, we go to 90% and we are perfectly fine and capped?
or this works like we have 90 physical dmg reduction and with abbys we go down to 50% ?

I believe it works like this:

Raw damage = 1000
phys damage (assume 90% res - max) = 100
abyssus (phy damage increase 40%) = 100 * 1.4 = 140 damage taken

So overall in this example your phys damage reduction gets dropped from 90% to 86% – not as bad as the 40% damage increase implies. But there is still a drop despite you being overcapped.

i dont think, this is working that way. If this will work like that then there wouldnt be much difference with wearing this helm. (but in pravtice there is huge difference)
I would say its like something like this:

Raw damage = 1000
phys damage (assume 90% res - max) = 100
abyssus (phy damage increase 40%) = (90% res -40% = 50% res)
Raw damage = 1000 -50% reduction = 500 damage

but this feels like a little bit to much. Anyone can confirm this?

You also have to remember that 90% phys reduction is pretty hard to achieve. As the phys reduction gets closer to 0% the damage amplification of abysuss ramps up. And also bear in mind that armour effectiveness diminishes as the physical damage increases. So something like a A8 Sirus meteor will cut through most of your armor because it does an insane amount of damage in a single spell. Whereas 10 hits of 1/10 damage will be reduced by your armour a lot more. This makes the burst damage feel even worse because your armor falls off a cliff which also ramps up the damage amplification of abysuss = insta death.

The poe wiki has more on the math of armour if you are interested:
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For amulet craft
Aoe range or plus one melee strike range

Per pob it shows aoe range is better
Hi guys,

currently still trying to min-max this build.

Current DPS at 58 Million

What I need next is a mirrored claw to further increase DPS.

Current claw is this

Most recent improvement was my amulet

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Even a mirrored claw is probably less dps than the savior or a max rolled paradoxica
Is it possible to dual wield with a sword instead of wasp nest ? (but keep bloodseeker for the instant leech)

Like this one that I found

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