[3.12 UPDATED] - Bergerbrush's Impale Cyclone Champion - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

i saw the -mana cost for warlord armor requires ilvl 85

not sure how true is that
Kurnis wrote:
Is frost blades really the best option until bladestorm?

p.s. Thank you SO MUCH for this build :)

I personally enjoy Frost Blades the most until level 28. All to their own tbh though. Everyone can play what ever they enjoy! :)
summerdays79 wrote:
Bergerbrush wrote:
Video added and guide mostly finished!

Could and probably will add a budget version/league starter version as I will use this as my own league starter next league unless it gets any major changes!

Enjoy the build everyone! I killed Uber Elder and A8 Sirus today very easy with this build as well. Facetanked mostly everything and had no issues killing them. Only remaining thing left to see is how deep I can delve with it :)

video please :D

Sorry it was a few weeks before end of Metamorph. I don't think I have saved footage of it now. I just made a video where I killed Uber Elder 50 times in a day. But it's just clips of the end of each kill to see loot.
nsantos06 wrote:
How Can I get more intelligence for use the claws

This was asked frequently today during my 24 hour stream. It's something I will add in the guide tomorrow. Now I am extremely tired though as I just went offline :p

quick tip, get int anywhere u can on gear rly, selfcraft on bench and stuff and maybe get 1 30int node in skill tree
loxikal wrote:
Hey :)
Can anyone help me?
I'm a lil bit confused, PoB says I'm gonna play 2h, but all other information and vids are about claws - did I miss something?

Greeting and thanks alot!

Hmm, what exactly says you are gonna play 2h?
Mistwalker wrote:
Just a minor suggestion you might want to include a note in the guide on when and why to stop using bladestorm instead of it being a video. Not sure if its just me but i prefer skimming guides for info over watching videos.

Yeah, a lot of people asked me today on stream as well. I forgot to include it in either video or guide that you can use Bladestorm or Cyclone while leveling and it's up to you really when you wanna make the switch. (But I suggest switching around act 9/10 to Cyclone)

I will also change the ascendancy order and stuff a bit after some discussions with people today :)
Peddro wrote:
Thank you for this build! So far I'm enjoying a lot.

I'm having a problem where I can't use bladestorm because I found 2 good unique leveling claws. Any advice on what I could replace and use instead of bladestorm?

I forgot to say this, Bladestorm was an OPTION to use for leveling. You can use Cyclone straight away at 28 as well if you want too. I just felt like personally I think Bladestorm feels a bit nicer.

If you already do have claws though, then Cyclone could be used already then or keep using Frost Blades :)
duabijitelur wrote:
i saw the -mana cost for warlord armor requires ilvl 85

not sure how true is that

Been busy with league start and leveling and doing a 24 hour stream myself. So haven't seen any information regarding this yet. I will do my best to find information about it as quick as possible so I can update the guide regarding it :)
I don't recommend anyone try cyclone before at least 5 links. I've been doing a 4 link from about level 40 and it's been miserable.
Has anybody tried this in SSF?

I've played Cyclone many times in the past and I wanna give it go but don't know if I will get stuck without Bloodseekers

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