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kestak wrote:

There is an important stats that is missing. In fact, for any statisticians, this is the basic stats: total size of the sample that would be how many Sirius fights have been enabled.

With the current stats, we can only see the minimum Sirius fights done (Sirius Deaths). It would have been interesting to know that number BECAUSE we could derive the amount of Sirius fights failures.

Another stats would have been the amount of fights per day on a calendar.

Lastly, I would have liked to know how the Sirius stats compare to the good old fights with Uber Elder and the new Uber elder fights.

Thank you

Yeah would like to see how many at-bats Team Exile get vs. sirius and at what awakening level.

I can see attrition between AL 1 and AL 8, such that the "batting lineup" gets smaller and smaller the higher the woke level, and the last level is dominated by only a small percent of starting batters, and the ones who are carrying are all the same 3 dudes.

Or a gear check, which the Sirius fight definitely is, in a sense, as mentioned before. You can look at K/D ratio controlling for a particular piece of gear: Baron helmet, for instance, or any item with the implicit "Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you". Or any woke damage support gem.

An example might look like an asymptotic curve with several local thresholds along the way, one for each of the "gear checks" until you reach a point where a player in the cohort who has passed all the minmaxing hurdles now has a X% chance of deathless sirius and a Y% chance of success given 1+ deaths.

You can reliably identify a subset of "carriers" for this encounter by drawing a cutoff at better player K/d.

You'll have to do this for each iteration of Sirius that existed this league: the first month's cloud chaos management, the second month's bricked instances due to him entering invuln phase and then getting stuck in that mode, the aftermath of changes to the instance to prevent that bug, etc.

Otherwise it's pretty meaningless and simply an exercise in "moving the goalposts" and then forgetting/denying you've moved them so you can push out a news item.
That moment when you notice you can support skitterbots with Infernal Legion and EE
I love to see it is A0 Sirus kill or A8 kill.

If quite a lot of Sirus kill in SC is A8 and on average 5 portal/deaths per kill , then the boss certainly got buffed in next league...

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DissonantOne wrote:
1. Endless issues with the storm clouds.
2. Constant one-shot deaths from a Sirus you can't even see on your screen
3. Dying because you can't escape his comet-maze because you are too close to the stairs.
4. Getting to Sirus requires far too much time and RNG.
5. Lack of color contrast between the damaging ground and the normal ground.
6. The Sirus effigy in the sky isn't transparent, making it even harder to see what's going on in the fight.

Don't take it from me. Here's 28+ pages of anger. Nearly unanimous.

This post sounds so on point. I have only fought Sirus once and failed but in general my POE experience is so dependent on RNG. I can understand slight luck factor and it is fine not to be predictable as an end boss, but having no vision and clear effects for serious damage income is not fun at all.
Funny, since Sirus focuses an all-out attack on my graphics card immediately before the big beam attack he is impossible to kill on any graphics settings. He is the single worst bit of content I've seen introduced in the game for that reason, as no other content has caused this issue.
I would probably buy supporter packs if I could play full league content. Since I don’t have the time, and typically only reach 12-24 challenges per league, I don’t bother buying anything just to experience 1/2 the game content. It’s taken me several years to realize, PoE is not for gamers like myself: hardcore ARPG fans with limited time, job, and some money. I’ve definitely distance from PoE over the past year and looking forward to other ARPG titles. Nice to see GGG still at the top of their game pumping out very challenging content for those in the position to spend the time on playing.

I'm not the only one who has this thought, happy that I'm not alone.
From those 4.4 mil deaths 4.1 mils are from storms and 300k from sirus. Just want to add that.
nikola061 wrote:
From those 4.4 mil deaths 4.1 mils are from storms and 300k from sirus. Just want to add that.

Post fix i seldom die from storm....

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Any chance there are stats for % of people who killed A8 Sirus?
why no standard stats ?
Exile009 wrote:
It would have been much more enlightening had you provided us with a comparison between Sirus' kill counts and those of the Uber Elder and Uber Atziri. Then we'd be able to tell who really is the deadliest boss in the game right now.

The deadliest boss in the game are the devs.

the deadliest boss in poe is loot. you get covered in it and die from post death actions of monsters while seeing shit.

in closed beta i asked ggg why they display loot (labels) on top of monsters and not the other way around.

well, it didn't cross their mind that monsters could be more important than loot.
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