Upcoming Improvements to Item Filters

Please add "auto loot" and "auto deposit" features. Auto loot may be considered a design choice but auto deposit is a must-have IMHO.
Thanks <3
Innomen wrote:
Added "AreaLevel" condition


argenwing688 wrote:
nobody care what's blocked, and that's why we use filters.I suggest that GGG can make items drop under the rules of filters other than simply being blocked. Since this change can skip many item random generating process, it could relief some cpu of your server and lots of my computer's gpu and cpu,especailly when i press ALT in blighted maps.

uhm no. who's filter would be applied if you are in a party? and do you want to send the complete filter file to the instance server every time you load a new area? that adds up to some ridiculous network traffic.

if you watch baeclast whenever chris or johnathan are on there, you'll hear that they are aware that too much stuff drops, but they can't easily make loot "more meaningful" and reduce quantity without a proper rebalance of all that junk that drops.
Very excited about the AreaLevel and Continue!

Would dramatically shorten my filter and make it easier to work with in the future!
Good news :)
~ If it moves, kill it ~
Any news on making prime and awakened sextants targetable through filter files more normally? I can't seem to get the filter to react to them beyond the basetype currency command.
YES! Been waiting for area level for a veeeeery long time. Glad to see this.
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Take theirs out.
I told my wife about this news... she called me a nerd.

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